20 December 2007

A note from the baby

Does anyone out there know how to remove Sanford Sharpie from the wall? I tried erasing it with my sister's underwear, but it didn't work. I think the picture is pretty, but my mom does not agree. (She has no taste!) Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.


Oh the things I do

Christopher, wrestling a jug of juice as big as he is, asks: "Mama, can you spill a drink for me?"

12 December 2007

My son poo-poos GOLD!

Apperantly a little someone forgot to unwrap the chocolate gold coin before he ate it.

11 December 2007


How gross and weird is this?? Some people will do anything to avoid holding their baby!!

But I think I'll just get one of these. Might as well go whole hog!

06 December 2007

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

I love celebrating St. Nicholas Day. The kids woke up to Gold Coin candies in their shoes this morning and we spent the day making a Slavic Sweet Bread and a German Almond Butter cake. Yum! Now we are feasting and trying to keep little ones from hitting the walls to hard as they bounce!

I also made slippers for each of the kids to celebrate the day. I though slippers were fitting for the celebration of the Saint who fills shoes. They are reminicent of my beloved robeez and turned out pretty well. The kids like them anyway!

03 December 2007

I love Advent and I am glad it is here, but I am already feeling behind on my Christmas preperations. Isn't that awful?? I had such grand plans of being finished with all of my materialistic aspects of Christmas by the first Sunday of Advent. I failed miserably. I am not even close to being finished!!! Arg!

Fortunetly some "Adventy" things have been happening, so not all is lost. Last night we went to the Advent wreath making at Church. My wreath is pretty ugly, due partly to my lack of craftiness and partly to all my cute little helping hands. But it's not as ugly as the hilarious Baby Jesus that I made this afternoon with Anna. Good thing we can both laugh at ourselves! Again, we had many a helping hand. If I were more humble, I'd post pictures, but I'm not!

The most important thing I learned today is that Colby Stork is as obsessive about Junior Mints when she is prego as I am!! I'm not so weird after all! This was a very important and wonderful discovery.

30 November 2007

It's going to be a long day

I'm in for it. PeterXavier just drank half a cup of coffee when I wasn't looking. When I caught him, he just laughed.

Like a maniac.

26 November 2007

Fun Filled Weekend

This holiday weekend was busy, to say the least. We ate our way through Thanksgiving at my parent's house. All five very loud little monkeys played the day away while the Mama's knit and the Daddy's slept.

Then on Friday I spent my entire day trying to convince the doctor that I needed an antibiotic. Seriously. I called for the first time at nine AM and didn't get medicine until SEVEN IN THE EVENING. We went up to the river after that.

And we nearly froze to death.

After we got the cottage to a reasonable temperature, we had a lovely day playing games, reading books, and generally doing nothing.

And on Sunday was The Feast of Christ the King!!! My most favorite liturgical event of the year! Wow. It was so wonderful. Seeing all of the little children frolicing around in their fancy clothes is so fun . . . and hilarious! Such a great future ofr our Church . . . especially if we keep up this rate of procreation!!

21 November 2007

10 November 2007

Anja Louise

Here's the newest beauty!! She is such a sweetie. Weighing in at a petite 5 pounds, 13 ounces, she is a healthy little girl. She's every bit a Schap, not resembling the Hatke's at all!

Annie is doing very well. After a long day of induced labor, she had a c-section about about 10:30. She looked great today, even getting up to put on make up! And of course, the new Mama and Daddy are thrilled to pieces with their beautiful little girl.

It's a . . . .

sorry. I can't tell with out parental permission!! Baby Schap was born last night. Both Mama and Baby are doing well. Hopefully I will update with details and pictures later!

09 November 2007

Good timing

It sure is a good thing we took that picture!! Enormous Annie is at the hospital waiting for her baby to arrive. I told my kids, which was a mistake. Christopher ran upstairs and came back all ready to go see the baby. I had to explain to him that it takes a long time for babies to get here . . . not to mention the hospital won't let the kids go in to the room anyway. They'll have to wait until baby gets home.

08 November 2007

Some Fat, Some Pregnant, Some Just Cute

Why is it that Annie and Anna are cutie pregnant and I'm just fat? (If I'd known it was picture day, I'd have worn something more . . . revealing!)

Notice Annie's super cute new Mama due!

Here we're just laughing . . . we tend to do that.

And just for fun, here's a picture of PeterXavier. He was helping his Daddy make pasta.

03 November 2007

Children's Adoration . . .

A view from the pew:

  • Fifty little kid bums staring at you as fifty little people bow low before their Lord in the Eucharist.
  • Fifty little people follow Father around the Church, completely enthralled by what he has to teach them.
  • Fifty little people gather in the gym to eat pizza and sip lemonade . . . from Budweiser cups.
  • Ten mothers stand around discussing what it is like to be pregnant . . . again.
  • Ten dad's discuss their lack of clean clothing . . . .because their wives are pregnant. Again.

Who wouldn't love to be Catholic?

30 October 2007

Birthdays, Farms, and Doctors

Happy Fifth Birthday to Angelica . . . sorry it's late!

Sunday was the annual Fall Farm Party at Uncle Johnny's. The kids had a super fun time roasting "mallows" (as Hope calls them), carving pumpkins, and going on a very crazy hay ride. Christopher and Grace sent the funniest little thank you cards to Uncle Johnny yesterday. Grace's said "That was a bumpy ride!" Of course, I didn't take any pictures. Maybe I'll hijack some from my dad's computer.

I had my first Dr. appointment yesterday -- baby is healthy and right on target for growth. I had to find a new Dr. since mine ditched me, but I think that this one is going to be really good. Any suggestions on a doula? To get or not to get? Worth the bling? We are still in the debating process here. Although the Dr. was totally supportive if we go the route.

26 October 2007

It's one of those days . . .

The kind where you toss all three kids in the tub, scoop out the clean baby, get him snuggly dressed and sweet smelling, so that he can climb back into the tub.

And he didn't even have the courtesy to take his clothes off first.

A girly post for Anne

Unfortunately, I am ridiculously cheap, so I only have a crummy nursing cami from Motherhood. And I only have one. Seriously, someone who nurses like I do needs about ten. The best camis are from here. They are a little pricier, but from what I understand, totally worth it. Anna -- chime in here, I know you have at least one.

So there you have it, Anne. In return, you can give Annie the pattern for that totally adorable hat that Charles was wearing at Mass yesterday!! I can't knit, so I'll make Annie do it for me =)

25 October 2007

Self Image

What exactly are you supposed to think when you still need the nursing camisole, but it no longer fits over your every enlarging belly?

23 October 2007

Baby Salamander

Doesn't the baby in the ticker look like a salamander? I am going to imagine that my baby is WAY cuter than that one. I can't believe I am already over 18 weeks!! Wow, keeping the secret and pretending you're not prego really makes the whole thing go a lot faster. Maybe next time I won't tell people until after I deliver. I wonder how many people would not say anything in fear of accusing me of being fat. Besides my mom, I mean.

21 October 2007

Since Annie posted about her little run in with the police, I suppose I better tell about mine. Although mine was a bit more self imposed. But it was an accident. . . I locked PeterXavier in the car. I think one of these days my friends a t CPS are going to come take the kids away! It was one of those time when, just when it's too late, you know exactly what has happened. I heard the electric lock trigger and I knew that both my keys and my son were inside. Luckily, a very nice police officer and an old tow truck man came to the rescue. The nice towing company even unlocks your car for free if there is a child inside! Thankfully PeterXavier is the most laid back child on the planet, so he bounced back from his little adventure in no time.

15 October 2007

Fantastic Feasting

This years Feast was one of the best ever. What a great time! We got up early and sped off to the Mass at the fort. Of course, we had to hightail it across the Feast grounds to get there in time and were only a few minutes late. I was so impressed with how well the event is layed out and put on. I truly think it is the most well done festival we have attended.

Gracie making a candle. Both kids got to make candles and paper!

Christopher playing "graces" -- a traditional 18th century children's game.

The Family

13 October 2007


I am super excited to be going to the Feast tomorrow. We are starting the day early with the Feast Mass. I was trying to get the kids excited about the Mass and telling them about going to Mass outside and Christopher said "oh! Then Jesus will be able to come down to us much easier!" (refering to the Consecration) I love cute children observations!

My wonderful mother made all of the kids super adorable costumes for the occasions and I found a dress fit for a winabego in the costume box, which should suit me quite well. Annie and I had some good laughs going through the costume box . . . if fact I was afraid she might go into labor at one point.

And Grace wants to name the new baby "Master the Pope". I think it has a nice ring to it . . .

12 October 2007

Happy Birthdays!!

Happy FOURTH Birthday to our Gracie Girl!! She had a great day informing people that it was her birthday and she thought she was quite the princess.

"Am I still Beautiful?"
"Oh, yes, you're still Beautiful"
"I will NEVER be ugly!!"

Have we over done the self-esteem thing a little?

And Happy Birthday to Anna, tomorrow!

09 October 2007

Sorry for the Delay . . .

First off, the promised update on the Fall Film Series -- it is awesome. Thye best thing to do would be to get a group of friends together and go with the big group.

Ben was here this weekend with his friend Bill. It is always exciting to have him here. The kids love playing with "Uncle Ben!!" But Christopher missed his pal Angelica.

And now the fun part. After weeks of evading my mother, the secret is out (brace yourself for the nasty phone call, Mary!!). No, I have not been drinking to much beer or eating to many chocolates. I have merely joined the ranks of my sisters, jumped on the bandwagon, killed the bunny. However you want to look at it -- I think s/he'll be here in March or April.

Did you see this post on Danielle Bean's site a while back (click the link)? Maybe the three of us can make the news!

02 October 2007

Totally Awesome Date Night

In the past few years, the Lafayette Theater downtown has been renovated and used for various cool events -- it is rented for wedding receptions and parties -- but by far the greatest thing they are doing is the new "Fall Film Series". Every Tuesday in the fall, they are showing an old movie coupled with a dinner that matches the theme of the movie. The movies that are lined up are fabulous -- this evening is "The Godfather" with an italian dinner catered by Oliverio's. Later in the season, they are showing such classics as "Gone With the Wind" and "To Kill a Mockingbird". Check out their web site to find out more info www.lafayettetheater.com Oh! And the best part is the price -- $5 for the movie and $7 for dinner!! I'm so excited!! So support downtown and have a totally cool and cheap date night! (And I think I'lll pop over to Kathy's beforehand and smuggle some candy in with me!) We're going to The Godfather tonight -- I'll report back!

26 September 2007

I am now, officially, a yuppy soccer mom. Except that my kids don't play soccer and I don't have a cell phone that starts chippering cutsey tunes from my over priced designer purse every five minutes, or a big SUV, and I don't wear pink warm up suits with enormous diamond earrings.. Yesterday, Chirstopher started his tae kwon do, which means that on Tuesdays I take him there, wait for him to finish and then hustle everyone to the Y for Gracie's ballet. They both love the classes and are learning a lot, but I REALLY don't fit in with the other parents . . . especially at TKD.

PeterXavier had a rotten cold yesterday and it seems to be working its way down the line of children. race woke up this morning, crawled into my lap and pitifully announced that she doesn't feel well. Luckely it seems to run its course quickly, as PX is back to his destructive self today.

18 September 2007

Grace started ballet this evening. We bought her a cute little leotard and slippers. She was so very excited and had a wonderful time. Her teacher is really great -- an ex-teacher, now mama -- she is uber peppy and the little girls adore her. The only disturbing thing was the first line of the little note she sent home.

"No attire is required."

Did I just waste thirty bucks on that cute outfit? Maybe next week I'll just send her the way God made her.

12 September 2007

Yesterday, we were all in the house when we heard sirens go by. We live pretty close to the fire house, so this is not an uncommon occurance. On hearing the sirens, Grace exclaimed:

"Aliens! Aliens! Quick, say your prayers! Jesus, I love you very much! Come and take the bad guys away. Amen!"
I woke up this morning to find my house clean (trust me, it wasn't when I went to sleep last night!). So unless I have learned to clean and sleep at the same time, my husband is awesome!!

Unfortunetly, I also found that we had no. food. No eggs, no bread, no cereal, not even any oatmeal. What kind of mother am I?? The kind that takes her kids to Big Apple Bagels for breakfast! They kids were great and loved our little adventure. And I found my new favorite quote:

"The only thing more overrated than natural childbirth is the joy of owning your own business."

I laughed out loud and the bagel girl gave me a funny look, but come on -- it's hilarious!!

Needless to say, when the baby wakes up from his nap, we are going to the grocery!

04 September 2007

Christopher: "Daddy, why do you always call me 'Gray-stopher'?"
I love Labor Day. We headed out of town on Saturday, just in time for the kidders to fall asleep for the night. Then we spent a carefree two days at the river. It was grand. We never take vacations, so this was great. We took the kids miniature golfing, which they thought was the greatest thing in the world. PX slept in his stroller almost the entire time, which was fortunate, because he was a terror after he woke up. I have a ton of pics, but I am at my parents, so I'll have to post them later.

We ate dinner at the Oakdale Inne "Best Fish By a Dam Site" It took two hours, but was worth it. It was even worth putting up with the horrible annoying group of 50 that was there -- you know the type. Loud obnoxious women and dads who hate their kids. This group had it all!

Unfortunetly, we missed the Schafer / Schnerre shindig, but I was beat! Christopher was pretty upset about that, but it turned out for the best because when we left to go home, he was asleep before we got off our road!

19 August 2007

Yesterday we celebrated Franja by having a shower for Annie. Despite the fact the I had to wrong address on the invites, everyone came and I think had a grand old time. The food was yummy, and Annie got a load of happy baby loot.

The baby shower was also alive with little people. Christopher had a blast with chatting with his little friends and thinking he was a big boy.

17 August 2007

Check out this site. I kid you not, Zita is a more popular name that Anja (in the US). Way to go on originality, Annie!! Although, I don't know how trustworthy it is . . . it says there are zero PeterXavier's!!
For Christopher's birthday, his loving aunt and uncle got him a pet frog. I think they underestimated the effect that this little pet would have on our entire household. The kids love him -- I think PeterXavier would sleep with him at night if I let him. But this little frog has led this little family on quite the adventure. For starters, we are already on frog number 2. Don't ask me what happened to the first one, because no one know. He's just gone. vanished.

The other thing about our frog friend is that he his a very finicky eater. Worse than my kids. He'll only eat moving food. So the meal worms that you purchase by the 50 count and then die, he won't eat. This means that my husband is running out to the pet store for live crickets every other day. So this morning, tired of going cricket hunting every night, (did I mention that the kids like to catch frog food?) he has now decided to breed beetles for the frog.

I can't wait until little Franja is old enough for pets. I'm going to drop a doozy of a creature on old Nana and Martin.

07 August 2007

I think I believe in global warming now. This is crazy weather. Thank goodness for uncles with swimming pools!! Annie, my mom, and I took the kidders over to swim today. The water was the temperature of an average August day, but today, that was refreshing.

Andrew is going to take the kids to dulcimers at the fountain tonight and let them get nice and soggy. I think these "dog days" of summer should be renamed the "water days" because that is the only way to survive.

Don't melt!

04 August 2007

I can't believe it has been over a week since I last posted. I apologize to all of my readers!! I hope you haven't abandon me.

We had a wonderfully successful garage sale at my mom's today. Hooray for people who paid me money for my junk. I love you all.

Tomorrow, Andrew is in the chili cookoff at Sportsman's Warehouse. Come vote for his awesome chili!!

And that is all I have to say for today, because I am tired. Soon, I will post pictures of my silly monkeys on their new bikes. Good night!

25 July 2007

Here are two of the cutest little girls, all gussied up and being oh-so-girly. We went to a little birthday tea for Grace's friend Sarah. Complete with big hats, tiny cups, and yummy chocolates, these little girls both born smack in the middle of a family of boys, had such a wonderful time!
Kathy, from Kathy's Kandies on Main Street, hosted our tea. She also provided the fabulous hats (decorated by Jan at First Class Clutter!!), beads, and tiny tea cups!

Gracie loves to be cute!!

Kathy also served us the cutest tea. The leaves are sewn together so that when they are put into a (clear) tea pot with the hot water, they open up like a flower! Too cute!
Today's Funny:

Grace: PeterXavier's hair is yellow!
Christopher: It's blond. I'm sure glad I'm not blond.
Me: Why's that?
Christopher: Because then I would bump into things.
Me: Excuse me?
Christopher: Yeah. When you're blond you can't see anything.

24 July 2007

Yesterday was Andrew's birhday, so he took. the. day. off. Which is something he hasn't done since . . . maybe ever. And even then, he still did a bunch of work in the morning. But the afternoon was free. We took the kids to the park, ate at Chipotle (!!), and went swimming at my hilarious Uncle Johnny's. Then Andrew and I went to dinner and this major dive in Battleground. It as dark and dingy, but the food was great. I mean, anytime you order something called the "Bear Special" it has to be good!

22 July 2007

Dancing in the Streets was fantastic last night. Thanks to a few hard working friends, paid in beer, everything came off without a hitch. Well, except for the fact that we ran out of hot dogs. But that wasn't as big of a deal as it might have been. The crowd was HUGE!! All of the vendors were running out of stuff. It was a mad house, but tons of fun!

Tonight is Celtic Spring and the ice cream social at St. B. Ice cream provided by us. Good thing tomorrow is Andrew's birthday and he is taking the day off. He needs it! I think he worked 18 hours yesterday, running at full speed!

20 July 2007

Someone got to my blog today by googling "Lady Comp Blog"!!! How great is that?!?!
I apologize for that rather obnoxious last post. Despite what some people may think, I did not do it on purpose. For those who have been sitting on the edge of their seats for the last week, it has finally been updated.

This weekend is going to be mad packed. We have Market and Dancing in the Streets tomorrow. If you want to attend Dancing, but have no ready cash (or just because you love me!), call me. If you work a "shift" for us, I'll pay your entrance fee and throw in a beer to boot! I am serious -- just give me a ring!

17 July 2007

Some people are geniuses of the imagination. I am not one of them, but I have a grand old time imitating those who are. I found a pattern online and by some magic of the pattern, not the seamstress, this:

not so attractive man's shirt became this:

What's wrong with blogger all of a sudden?? It won't let me post pictures! I JUST DID IT AND NOW IT WON'T LET ME!! Well, you'll just have to guess what this shirt became and hope that blogger is nicer to me tomorrow!


And there you have it. The not-so-cute mans shirt becomes the super cute girls dress. Not bad, huh? I can take no credit though, all the difficult work was done by the pattern maker and the company who made the shirt in the first place!
Needless to say, this is my new project line. I am working on another one right now, complete with a headband which lived a previous life as a shirt collar!

11 July 2007

There is a whole community outside of town that is truly hidden from us "city folk". And what a beautiful community it is! My mom, Annie, the kidders, and I went out to Flora today and visited all of the "horse and buggy" shops. (that is the term they use, not a derogative one). They're little markets are really cute and the people that run them are so sweet. The prices were pretty nice too! We got a lot of natural and homemade items but didn't have to pay the premium prices. I got "sorghum" which I have been wanting to try for a while now, but never wanted to pay the price for it. I didn't really even know what it was . . . but I have now learned all about it! This is the nutritional break down :

Potassium 200mg per tablespoon
Protein 300mg per tbsp.
Calcium 30mg per tbsp.
Magnesium 20mg per tbsp

Not to bad for sweetener! It is also high in iron. It is actually the "juice" from the sorghum grain, which is cooked down just like one would do to make maple syrup. It is the "poor man's syrup" which is perfect for us!

I also got an old feed sack to cut up and sew into dish towels. I think it's great, but I did wonder this evening just what my Grandma would say if she knew we had paid. money. for feed sacks to turn into towels when we could buy them at the store. I find it interesting that what we think is fun -- simply because we don't have to do it -- was a chore just a generation ago. (It's like when Annie got an antique coffee pot for a shower gift and Aunt Betty thought it was junk that belonged in the trash!!) We certainly take for granted just how easy life can be with all of the modern conveniences!

09 July 2007

Everyone who read the last post and ignored it, you missed out! Riverfest, once again, was a wonderful little festival jam-packed with fun! I paddled in two races, won one and lost one. Smoked my hubbys team. Then lost the other race because we almost capsized -- paddling takes second seat to trying to stay above water! Either way, it was super fun and I highly recommend everyone participate next year!

Sunday we went to the river and canoed down to the Schafer's for a little welcome home party for Gwen. There was lots of swimming, chatting, plenty of beer, and lots of little monkeys on the trampoline. We had a really nice time and the hopped in our canoe to paddle home. That's when the adventure began. The river was as smooth as glass. It should not have been a problem at all. As we neared the island, we smacked into a rock and got lodged on top of it. Andrew finally had to jump out and get us moving again. Then, one stroke in and Andrew snapped his paddle in half. In the rapids, with only one paddle, Andrew jumps out to pull the canoe and breaks his sandle. He finally got us the short way through the fast water, hopped back, and paddled us on up the river. I sat back and pretended I was riding in a gondula. Lucky for us, my parents had dinner for us when we got back.

05 July 2007

Don't you want to be them?? If you want to participate in the COOLEST festival of the summer, come to Tapawingo Park on Saturday and paddle in the Riverfest races! Here is a little historic info.

The part of North America in which we live was once a vast wilderness of mostly forest, almost impenetrable by anyone other than the Native Americans who had lived here for centuries.

The demand for quality furs, however, brought European trappers in search of the abundant beaver and other fur bearing animals that were so plentiful in this area. These trappers were dependent on the services of a hale and hardy breed of wilderness pioneer, the voyageur, to provide transport of supplies in and pelts out from this densely wooded land. Those pelts were taken along our waterways to Canada and out the St. Lawrence en route to markets throughout Europe.

The Voyageurs worked hard and they played hard. They ate, they drank, they sang songs, they played competitive games, and they raced their canoes.

Today you can see replicas of those canoes being raced on the Wabash once again, not by trappers and traders, but by bankers, firefighters, city workers, and many others who love to compete and who love the river.

This is your chance to become a "Voyageur for a day" and recreate an activity that was part of those events that resulted in our living today on the banks of the beautiful and mighty Wabash River.

The requirement for the boat is that we have 9 people paddling and at least 3 of each gender.
Come join the fun! We need plenty of "fill in" paddlers, so show up anytime Saturday, midmorning to early afternoon, talk to my dad, and have a good old fashioned good time!

25 June 2007

Our three little monkeys have been upgraded to five this week. My brother and his ladies are here visiting for the week. All five little monkeys are having a grand old time playing in the mud, befriending bugs and frogs, and eating lots of food. Christopher and Angelica are inseperable little buddies.

The plan was to go to the Fiddler's this weekend, but the rain kept the weak and pregnant (Anna's prego, I'm weak!) away, so we went to the Bistro instead. We were warm and dry and had some great conversation. We missed the music, but sometimes warm is better!

On Sunday the Hatke's went off with the Hatke Majors while we Antonio's headed out to the Thistle Byre Farm to visit with the lovely Rider family. What a great time! Their farm is beautiful!! The kids had a really nice time running around outside and playing with the other young children. The grown ups had a wonderful visit and ate lots of yummy food fresh off the land.

22 June 2007

Normal mothers would rejoice and enjoy the peace when their yound child took a nap on her own. Not me . . . I freak out and call 911. Gracie entirely covered herself with the pillow shams and fell sound asleep on her bed. In the shams, she was completely out of sight, save one timy lock of hair. Christopher and I called and called through the house for her, checking every nook and cranny. We searched outside, employing the help of some kindly strangers, I called my dad, got the neighbor . . . I was in full flip-out mode by the time Rita found her sleeping peacefully. I feel like a dope, especially since the police man had to come in a check on her, but adventures such as this make you realize just how much you children mean to you, and that is a good thing.

Speaking of peacfully sleeping children, little Zita, stark naked, is snoring at me feet!

20 June 2007

I spent the day at odds with my sewing machine. Seems the darn thing has decided that it is angry with me. Probably mad because I have neglected him for so long. I can't blame him, but really, does he have to be so mean?

18 June 2007

What a busy wonderful weekend!! Saturday was Father David's ordination, which was fabulous. It was such an amazing ceremony. It was not the first time that I had attended an ordination, but I don't remember the other one being so ceremonial. The reception afterwards was great too. I got all the kids clean and dressed well, and of course we were late. Grace fell asleep in the car, so I scooped her up to go inside, only to discover that she was not wearing underwear. I about died. Thanks be to goodness, for some reason completely unknown to me, there was a clean pair in the car. (See, it pays to have a car that looks like you live in it!!).

Father's Day was a wonderful day at the river. The Weeks family came up to join the fun. The kids had a great time -- the river level was perfect! The girls got a bunch of muscles and cooked them on the fire. Then tried to eat them. In all the many years that our family has been going to the river, never once have we tried to eat the muscles. (Although Ben and Denver did eat crawdads once). I think the girls prefered the s'mores.

14 June 2007

13 June 2007

Every once in a while, Christopher goes on a special "date" with my sister, his "Nana". I am so glad that they get this time together. Christopher can be a sensitive little man, and being the oldest of three so close together, he needs one on one times to remind him how special he is! And whenever they have these dates, he remembers how much he loves his Nana andwants to spend the whole day with her! So today, after their breakfast date, Nana came to swimming lessons and then to the park with us. I am certain that we wore poor preggy Nana to exhaustion!

Later in the afternoon, my mom picked up the kiddos so I could get some things finished (my house is clean! It's a miracle!). Later we went swimming at the Reifenrath's. Christopher is getting a little too confident in his "swimming" abilities! He paddled on his little noodle all over the deep end of the pool! And Grace, the princess, just let Jack push her all over in her raft. That's my girl!

12 June 2007

The Corpus Christi celebration at St. Boniface was a HUGE success. Mainly due to the fab food, I am sure (kidding!). The procession was the best yet, I think. Beautiful Mary Grace Rudolpf, having celebrated her First Communion that morning, sprinkles rose petals for Our Lord as we took him into the streets of town. All of the kids of the parish waved banners for Jesus and were SO EXCITED to be doing so! It was great. We were doing exactly what we should have been doing in order to celebrate the magnificent gift Christ gave to us. It was a perfect balance of prayer and reflection coupled with feasting, dancing, and just the right amount of alcohol!! It was a wonderful Catholic celebration. I am sure that God was happy and the Church Triumphant was rejoicing with us!

My little kiddos have been going to swimming lessons this week. It is one of the first times we have done any organzed activity, and the very first where I can not be right there with them. They are doing a wonderful job. Especially with Christopher, I can see the "attachment parenting" paying off. He is sweet, confident, and obedient. By the end of the two weeks, he will be swimming, I am sure.

Grace is enjoying her self. She is younger and a bit more shy that her brother. I think that if they were in the same class, she would have no problems. As it is, she is enjoying herself and that is all that matters!

After lessons, we stopped at the shop for a drinks and to say hi to the WONDERFUL and LIFE SAVING Cynthia!! Thank goodness for wonderful friends who need jobs!!

09 June 2007

Yesterday, someone told me that wine at Meijer was only two dollars. So of course, being a self proclaimed wine-o, I made a beeline for Meijer. It was probably only the second or so time I have even been in this store. Why would anyone want to drive fifteen miles into no man's land for some pseudo WalMart? The real one is bad enough. Anyway, I went to Meijer. For the last time. They have taken our technologically dependent, material driven culture to a whole new level -- grocery carts with televisions. I am not making this up. Oh how I wish I could be so creative. For only one mighty dollar, you can "hire" a grocery cart to babysit your child as you blissfully glide through a mecca of sweat-shop made crap. I honestly wanted to vomit. It was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. What is our society becoming when we cannot even break from our TV induced stupor in order to restock our beer supply? We can't even put up with our children long enough to buy their diapers? Oh no, toss them into the cart and sedate them with the TV. I can just see the whole senario. Kids watching TV at home, Mom needs more frozen pizzza so she throws kids in the car, turns on the DVD moniters attached to the back of the driver's seat, cruises to Meijer, "hires" a TV cart for only one dollar (what a steal!) . . . you get the point. The media is infiltrating and taking over every single aspect of our lives. You can no longer get away from it.

It just makes me sick that their is no escape. We try so hard to shelter our children from the evils of the world, but we have to buy groceries! Any thoughts?

In other news, Farmer's Market was this morning. A cheerful reminder that we are not alone in our quest to raise our family with the best of the simple life. Like the happy Thistle-Byre family in their matching green shirts. My wonderful hubby bought me an adorable purse from some girls who make cute "clutch" purses and sell them at FM. And the kids ate enough flavor ice to last another week.

03 June 2007

Silence. Not something you hear to often in a house full of monkeys. I wonder how long it will last? All three kids and Andrew are sleeping. We have had a full weekend and everyone is mighty tired. One of the best things about summer is that the kids play out side almost all day long and then they sleep as hard as they play.

Friday night we went to the Klein Brat Haus the see Annie and Kim play. It is always so fun to go up there. I just love the local, laid back atmosphere. Jerry gave us these cute drinks called "Little King". It is a type of beer, but in super cute mini bottles. So neat!! The kids loved dancing to Nana's music and climbing all over Uncle Mart. (I think they should start calling him that.)

Saturday was the farmer's market. It must have been a hundred degrees out. PeterXavier played in the drink cooler the whole time and the nice man from Cleaver Farms (Mr Cleaver? I don't know his name.) kept us cool with flavor ice. And I bought some cute little plants for my sorry attempt at a garden. I planted it when we got home and let's all pray that something actually grows.

Good night!

30 May 2007

We had a fanastic weekend with a "faux camping" trip to the cottage. We cooked on the fire, played in the river, and slept in real beds. The weather was perfect and the kids had a grand old time. I took tons of great pictures, but of course I left my camera at the cottage. You could have seen Christopher asleep on Andrew's head on a raft in the middle of the river, but now you can't. YOu also could have seen the kids unplanned summer hair cuts. The ones they gave themselves. I guess we'll have to go back to the river this weekend to retrieve the camera (and Andrew's watch and wedding ring!)

Today we went to he Brown Bag Concert. Always a great time! Wes and Rita showed up, which was wonderful. It's always nice to have friends to visit with while the kids run around playing.

Tomorrow is strawberry picking and possible jam making (or maybe Friday for the jam?). Picking strawberries is always fun, but I think it is the hottest, sweatiest job in the world. But anything is fun when you get to eat the product as you work!

24 May 2007

Who'd a thunk this ol' chicken would have ended his days with a beer up his arse? I'm sure glad he did, though, because it was delish!

21 May 2007

My parents came over last night and helped Andrew get started on our new "play yard." I am SO excited to get rid of the nasty weeding backyard! A few years ago, we tore up one side and paved it, but the other side has just been dirt and weeds since we moved in. Andrew put down that anti-weed black fabric stuff and a bit of pea gravel this evening and tomorrow I will order a load of gravel, so by tomorrow night, we should have a happy nice place for the kids to play. And I am hoping for a sand box as well!!

I made tortillas for dinner this evening. They were so easy and super yummy. Gotta love the King Arthur Flour cook book! I just noticed on their web site that they have a cooking with kids video. I'll have to check into that. The kids love to cook with me.

That's all for now!

17 May 2007

Dear Uncle Ben,

When you come visit, please bring your spiderman suit home this summer so that we can be big and little Spidey.



PeterXavier's birthday party turned out really well. The whole fam gathered at the park area at Prophetstown for a cookout. It was fantastic because I didn't have to clean the house to have everyone over AND the only cleanup involved was dumping everything into a big trash bag! Great party planning on my part!

I have inadvertantly started a tradition of making ugly cakes for the kids birthdays. This years attempt was a pirate ship. It isn't nearly as bad as some of my efforts and the best part was that the kids helped me make it. They got a kick out of coloring the sails and putting them on. When it was time to light candles, we put them in the sides like canons. It's hard to see, but our ship was complete with gold bountey and beer kegs.

16 May 2007

Look who's turning ONE!! I can't believe that a whole year has flown by! Today we celebrate the birth of the smiliest happiest little monkey in the world! I can't believe the laughs the this little guy has brought to our family. Happy Birthday PeterXavier!!

09 May 2007

We have been running around like chickens with our heads cut of as of late. Sunday we hosted the Zuzolo First Communion party at the shop. It was great! It was the perfect big Italian family celebration (with the wrong food though!). We pushed all the tables together and put my huge table cloth on it so that we had one huge table for everyone to sit around. And the entire Zuzolo family is just so nice. It was really a fun time.

On Monday we found out that Molly, the girl that works at the shop for us, and who has really become our friend, was in an accident on her moped. The moped that she got Thursday. She got out of ICU yesterday, so I went up to see her. She looks pretty bad and could use any prayers you want to toss her way. I have been working at the shop now that she can't -- so if anyone needs a little job . . . .

Also, TAKE NOTE!!! We are having a cookout on Thursday before Blue Jacket. Bring a side dish if you'd like, bring your kids if you have them, everyone is invited so call anyone who isn't cool enough to read my blog! I guess Thursday is only tomorrow. Sorry for the late notice.

05 May 2007

Christopher and Grace fell in love with this little baby raccoon that Uncle Johnny found. They really wanted to take her home with us. And really, if they were just a little older, I would have let them keep her. She was really cute, but I was afraid that they would be really sad when we had to let her go -- I mean, you can't keep a raccoon forever! And since she is SO young, I was afraid that we night accidentally kill her. Besides, she already thought Uncle Johnny was her mother. He should keep her.

He found a raccoon den out on his property, so he is going to put her their and hope that that Mama adopts her.

While the little raccoon baby was the highlight of the day, we did some other fun stuff too. We had our first Market of the season and that was great. I got a few cute flowers to plant and some fresh asparagus from the Cooleys.

After Market, house and year work, we took the kids for a picnic at the park. They love to run around and play outside -- unfortunately picnics don't really inspire them to eat. Well, PX ate a great deal of sand, but that isn't very nutritious.

04 May 2007

If, after reading this and this, you are looking at me as if to say "you're next", then all I have to say to you is "NO I'm not."

This time, I am sitting back, nausea free, and planning my position as the doting auntie.

Thank you very much.
I found a morrel mushroom growing out of the edge of the neighbors driveway this morning! I don't think Andrew has ever had a morrel before (poor deprived California boy!) so I will fry up this lonely little mushroom for him tonight. I sure wish I had more!

Farmer's Market sarts tomorrow!! That must mean that it is officially summer! We will be out with the cart serving up all kinds of yumminess. I can't wait to see all of our "market friends" that we never see in the winter time. 99% percent of the maket people are just so wonderful (we all know the other one percent. He is evil.).

Last night we all (us, Annie and Martin, Mr. A. and Margaret) went to my parents for dinner. It was really nice. Their patio just got finished so we sat out their and the kids could just play and have fun while we ate. Andrew got out the kids little pool and handed Christopher the hose to fill it up. Bad idea. Christopher, in all his four year old innocence, would kink the hose and sweetly ask someone to come and help him figure out what was wrong with it. Just as you bent down to help him he would unkink it and spray freezing hose water in your face.

That's all for now. I have a mountain of laundry to attend to. My dryer vent was broken and the laundry piles up. Now that it is fixed, I have some major catch up to do. The worst part is that I had been SO on top of it, and now that is all lost.

03 May 2007

Christopher has caught the bug . . . the chapter book read-aloud bug, that is. And I am so glad. I have always enjoyed reading aloud to the kids, but it is so much nicer when it is a book that I can get into as well. A nice long chapter book is so much cosier that 75 picture books in one sitting.

Right now we are reading "Mr. Popper's Penguins." Christopher now wants a pet penguin and says that he will name it "Narnia." Grace will name her's "Fifia." Where does she come up with these things? What a goober.

25 April 2007

We welcomed the new summer this past Sunday by taking the first kayak rides of the season! Christopher enjoyed it much more that Grace did! We all had a great time at the river -- Annie and Martin, Ooma and Oompa, Margaret, and even Mrs. Schap and John Mooney (or as Christopher says John "Smooney") were all there. Most importantly, we ate lots of yummy food. Food always tastes yummier after you realize that you actually LEFT IT ALL AT HOME and have to run in and buy all new food at the cute little IGA in Delphi.

24 April 2007

If you are using a lamp to symbolize the sun as you teach your children about the phases of the moon, don't touch the bare socket. Not only will it hurt like mad, but your kids will laugh at you as you jump around in pain.

Not that I know from experience. I'm just saying if . . .

20 April 2007

PeterXavier officially said his first word (besided "Mama"and "Dada") today. He finished nursing, looked up and said :


18 April 2007

This weekend we took the kids to the "Bug Bowl" at Purdue. This was the second year we had taken them and I am so impressed with what a neat event this is. We got there early in the day, before the crowds hit. The college students run all of the boothes and they were all so eager to talk to the kids and teach them different things. One guy showed Christopher how to lasso a "bull", Christopher, Grace, and Andrew all got to spit crickets -- but no one won a prize. One of the best things was the "make your own Chia Pet" booth! By the time we got to that booth, the crowds had landed, so we grabbed supplies to finish at home. The next day my mom and Fr Alex helped the kids finish them. Christopher's has four eyes. I don't know why, but he wanted it that way. This is a realy cute project, but I hope that the "hair" really grows, otherwise I'll have some disappointed little kids!

17 April 2007

I love this blog by a Mama of four boys, but apparently, Ben would be Off Limits to them!

Incidentally, this is not the first time that one of her posts as reminded my of my brother!

14 April 2007

Today was a busy but productive Saturday. It was a fun day, but it sure would have been better, had it not SNOWED. It's April, in case you didn't notice. Anyway, we spent the AM cleaning up around the house. Andrew even got the lawn mowed, just as it started to rain. His dad stopped by with donuts -- I had just been thinking that he hadn't been around in a while, when I heard him rapping on the door. Christopher asked him "So, Lolo, what did you speak on that island?"

This evening my parents, Annie, and Martin stopped by after Mass and invited us out to dinner. It was really fun to all go out together. PeterXavier probably ate more than everyone else combined. we are going to end up living under the bridge just trying to feed this kid.

Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow, because the kids really want to go to the bug bowl. Christopher fondly remembers spitting crickets last year and he wants to try to beat his record this year. Gross.

13 April 2007

I am trying this again. We will see if it works this time or not.

Aprons – Y/N? When I remember, I wear one of the ones that my mom made for me.

Baking – Favorite thing to bake:I am really into baking right now. I LOVE the King Arthur Whole Wheat Baking book. As for favorites, I am not sure. I love to bake bread, I love to eat cookies, but making crackers is really fun too. . . this question is too hard.

Clothesline – Y/N? I have never tried a clothesline, but it might be fun.

Donuts – Have you ever made them? Yes. In brownies with Mrs. Rausch.

Every day – One homemaking thing you do every day: My whole life is homemaking, so this could be a pretty long list. To save from boring you, I'll shorten it. Laundry, make the beds, make a meal, clean the kitchen, laundry, make a meal, clean the kitchen, laundry, make a meal.

Freezer – Do you have a separate deep freeze?Yes. I love it.

Garbage Disposal – Y/N?Yes! Again, I love it!

Handbook – What is your favorite homemaking resource?King Arthur Whole Wheat Baking!!! And "Home Comforts" by Cheryl Mendelson.

Ironing – Love it or hate it? This is embarassing. I have an ironing basket. When it gets disgracfully over filled, my mother takes it home and everything comes back freshly pressed! She LIKES to iron (or at least that's what I tell myself) Besides, I tried to iron a shirt today and it took three hours, a bit of yelling, and multiple breaks to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and snuggle the crying (is that a work of mercy? it should be.) before I finished.

Junk drawer – Y/N? Where is it? Oh, I have to many to count.

Kitchen: Design & Decorating? I like to call it "Tuscan". It is very grapey.

Love – What is your favorite part of homemaking?My family sitting down to a fresh and yummy homemade meal.

Mop – Y/N? I used to mop a lot but than I got new flooring in the kitchen, it is kind of the color of dirt. I am not sure I have ever mopped it.

Nylons – Wash by hand or in the washing machine?wash. I don't hand wash anything. Except the kids.

Oven – Do you use the window or open the oven to check?OPen
Pizza – What do you put on yours? I really like to make pizza at home. I like cheese with different sauces and crust variations.

Quiet – What do you do during the day when you get a quiet moment? Freak out. Something must be seriously wrong if it is quiet in my house.

Recipe card box – Y/N?I do!! Mary Hack gave it to me for a shower gift!!

Style of house –An "Alhambra" Sear's kit home circa 1920. I love it!
Tablecloths and napkins – Y/N?I like cloth napkins. As for tableclothes, they just get pulled off by little hands. We stick to runners.
Under the kitchen sink – Organized or toxic wasteland? Toxic wasteland. Unfortunitly, PeterXavier likes to hang out in there.

Vacuum – How many times per week? Ever since I was prego with Christopher, my husband has been the vacuumer in the house. I would say he does in once or twice a week.

Wash – How many loads of laundry do you do per week?Oh boy. Maybe eight or ten. Certainly once a day, mostly more. It depends on the number of vomits, spilled juice, and wet pants we have in a day. Ok, maybe fifteen.

X’s – Do you keep a daily list of things to do that you cross off?No

Yard – Y/N? Who does what?Andrew does that. Or doesn't might be a better way to say it.

Zzz’s – What is your last homemaking task for the day before going to bed?I would love to say I tidy the house before I go to bed, but that would be a lie. I think clean the kitchen is the true answer.

So that is it. Now you know what a rotten house keeper I am. Feel free to copy and paste to your blog -- just leave us a link in the comments! Or if you are a non-blogger, try to answer it in the comment section!
I had filled out that entire "meme" from Annie's page and then I lost the whole thing!! I will try again later, but I haven't got the time now.

08 April 2007

The best way to learn something is to have to teach it to someone else. The great thing about being a parent is that you are constantly teaching your children new things. This lent and Easter season, I feel like I have been doing this even more so than in the past. Therefore, I have spent these times paying more attention to just what exactly is the reason for Lent and the magnitude of the gift that Christ gave us.

We spent Holy Saturday really preparing for Easter. Granted, we were preparing for the party -- which translates into a whole lot of baking. So I made a concerted effort to make all of the food items directly relate to the reason for Easter. This way the kids got a double lesson -- cooking and preparation, coupled with a big dose of theology.

We baked a batch of "Hot Cross Buns". These are traditionally a Good Friday fare, but since I didn't learn that until Holy Saturday, we will eat them on Easter! The story goes that the monks would give them to poor beggars on Good Friday -- they were the only luxury allowed on this solemn day.

We also made "Resurrection Cookies" which were an awesome way to teach the kids the entire passion story. From the scourging at the pillar all the way to the empty tomb on Easter morning. The kids really got a kick out the whole project. And my dad really liked the cookies!

All in all, our afternoon in the kitchen brought us many blessings -- the meaning of Easter really hit home with the kids, I thought more deeply about exactly what Christ did for us, and all my Easter treats got made!

04 April 2007

When taking Super Heroes to the Children's Museum, be prepared for looks, comments, and the occasional photo shoot.

Christopher was especially proud of his Superman curl. Quiet a feat, considering his absolutely straight hair and the lack of curling equipment.

Oh my gosh! My mom just called -- the tree in their yard just fell on the car and crushed it!! Good thing it didn't hit the house!

02 April 2007

Alrighty -- I just finished Danielle Bean's new book Mom to Mom Day to Day. It was a wonderful read, tailor made for the busy mom. The tiny chapters, chock full of wisdom, make it easy to pick up and read a snippet in between wiping noses and pouring juice. Her "seasoned mother" anecdotes and advice reassure any mother that she is not alone in her quest to raise (many) happy and holy children.

The book was conveniently organized in to chapters pertaining to different aspects of the mothers life -- from husbands to diapers, and spiritual reading to book reports. Each chapter then culminated in a beautiful and pertinent prayer.

The tone of the book was not one of an author trying to put you in your place and prove to you what a superior and far holier a mother she might be. Rather she is a friend, seasoned in the art of motherhood, reaching out and sharing her wisdom. She freely shares her mistakes and shortcomings, hoping that the reader might laugh and learn right along with her.

She gives suggestions as to increasing ones spiritual life and infusing the Catholic culture into every aspect of the families life. She is not a zealot about this -- shirking familialy duties to spend hours in silent meditation -- rather, she shares with you the delight and richness of Catholic culture and how these traditions can bring more beauty and joy to family life.

I suggest all Mama's, those to be, those of a few or many, even those whose children are grown, grab a copy and curl up to laugh, learn, and realize you are not alone on this motherly path to heaven. Even if the path is paved with dirty laundry.

30 March 2007

Woohoo!! Danielle Bean's new books AND an order of Vermont Cheese Powder -- in the SAME DAY!! Can life get any better??

I'll report back when I can tear my self away from the book. And after the cheezy crackers (hence the cheese powder) have been made!

26 March 2007

Why. on. earth. am I getting telemarketer calls looking for Caitie Beardmore??
Once again it has been a LONG time since I have posted. This time I am totally blaming my husband, who has been monopolizing the computer lately. He as been doing all of our accounting so that he can turn everything into the accountant and, God willing, we will get a big fat tax return. Of course, poor Andrew has done this once before. It takes about a zillion hours to do and the last time, just after he finished, some creep stole our computer. And of course, we had no back up, so it was back to square one for Andrew.

As Annie mentioned, my parents had a great party last Sunday. Great food, TONS of people, and of course some great ping pong matches. The German Baptists smoked us all. I guess their lack of Netflix leaves them plenty of time to hone their ping pong skills.

PeterXavier has been sick on and off for the last two weeks. I think we have finally eradicated the evil germ though. God bless the man who discovered Ammoxacillan. Some times it is the only thing that will do the trick.

One nifty thing I did this past week was to sprout my own wheat and make Sprouted Wheat Bread. It still needs some fine tuning, but it turned out pretty well. I had never sprouted wheat before, but if you plan ahead, it is not hard and it 's pretty fun!

I am off to clean the bathroom. Have a great day!

18 March 2007

16 March 2007

Here is what we have been doing lately. It is the Lenten Calender that the kids made. I got the idea out of a great book called "Guiding Your Catholic Preschooler." I modified it a bit to fit my children and it has worked beautifully. Each day, the kids choose to either pray, fast, or give. They are simple little things like "Give Daddy an extra hug" and we "fast" from things that will assist in developing good habits like "mean words". I am shock at how excited the kids are about this little project. They love to find out what day it is and decide what to do that day. It also keeps me more constantly aware of this Lenten season and reminds me of my own fasts and sacrifices.
The other little project we did was to make Sacrifice Beads. We read a little story about St. Therese, who received a set of bead from her sister and then we made our own. The kids love to make sacrifices for Jesus. Christopher showed his beads to Andrew and then said "Daddy! Don't you know St. Therese of the Child Jesus?!"
And seriously, their behavior has improved. It's amazing! Maybe I'll tell the kids that Lent lasts until Christmas this year.

14 March 2007

Today I had to go work at the shop with Andrew. For reasons that cannot be disclosed on this open forum (but TRUST ME, if I make it to Blue Jacket tomorrow, they will be disclosed. LOUDLY. and ANGRILY. Have my Martini ready.), we had given Molly the day off. It was one of those really happy busy days. The door was open and the wonderful breeze was coming in from outside. Everyone was happy because of the great weather. The mayor came it and this man introduced him to his grandson "this is the mayor of the TOWN!" The little pirate boy thought that was pretty cool. Small town. Or not so small. (I'm not kidding about that martini. make it a double.)

And Uncle Andy came it. That was funny. He told us we's "pay for this weather" and judging by the fridged breeze in the house right now, he was right. He reminded me of Grandpa, the walking Farmer's Almanac. He also said "What the H*** is wrong with people??" I agree (see Martini notes. Do they make triples?)

10 March 2007

Dear Mr. Cold,

Meet my new best friend. You had better watch your back.

09 March 2007

I love how silly Christopher looks here! He is pointing to the picture he drew of Clifford (and he wrote "Clifford" on the bottom) Who knew that Norman Bridwell was from Kokomo!! And his wife's name is Norma. Do you think that is for real? I mean, what are the odds?? I think he must use a pseudonym.

Yesterday, my mom, Margaret, and I took the kids to the Children's Museum and went to Georgetown Market -- the best grocery in the world. My mom hadn't been to GM before. We had a great time choosing our different sugars, flours, and spices. It's just so FUN to shop that way. And it is always exciting to get something you have never heard of and experiment with it. Like the last time I went I bought a grain called Quinoa. I have read about it enough to recognize the name, but nothing more than that. It is so yummy! It is a little like couscous, but a bigger grain so it is a more firm. It makes a great replacement for boring old white rice.

The museum was great as well. The kids always have blast when we go -- but we always stay about five minutes to long and expeience the Great Meltdown on the way out the door. Margaret was nice to have along -- she is such a big helper. The nice thing about really big families is that the generations overlap and all help eachother.

08 March 2007

This neat little arrangement is the kids new drum set. They created it themselves. Between this and the last pitures I posted, I am wondering why I ever purchase toys.

06 March 2007

Well, Annie will be happy to hear that I am thoroughly annoyed with blogger right now. I tried a million times, but it will not put that picture of Christopher the right way. It looks right before I put it in the post. How annoying.
Anyway, these crazy children have developed their own catapulting device. But don't worry, "it's a soft ball, Mama!"
Talk about a devious way to get around the no throwing balls in the house rule.
Don't forget the Lady Comp Luncheon tomorrow at 12:30!!

Be there or be . . . pregnant.

04 March 2007

Best Buy -- Land of the Disgruntled Customer.

That's the motto for today. But at least these disgruntled customers got some darn good deals. We now have a snappy new computer, but my husband really had to fight for it. First, we got one (about three days ago) that was about as slow as something purchased in 1997. So we took it back and complained. Then Andrew chose a new computer and when he went to purchase it, he had the wrong credit card. The lady told him to come back the next day and they might be on sale. So we went back and the price had changed alright -- by a hundred dollars, no less. A hundred dollars MORE!! Some sale. So after some very long dealings with a very not nice manager, we FINALLY got yesterday's price today. Grr.

I also got a new camera with an enormous memory card -- all for a very nice price. So now you will all be treated to more pictures!

Mr. Robber - Man, if you read this blog, don't bother coming by any time soon. We now carry our valuables with us. Haha to you. And just wait to you see our new locks. Oh baby. You're out of luck.

27 February 2007

The other night, Grant called to tell us that everyone was going bowling. So we bundled the kids up, braved the ice storm and went bowling. It was GREAT fun. I had some really great pictures that I was going to post on here for all to see. I even uploaded them to the laptop. But the internet wasn't working that night, so they never got posted.

And now everything is gone.

I apologize to everyone who was going to come over on Monday for the "Lady Comp Luncheon." Can we reschedule? I'll call everyone.

24 February 2007

LOVE the ice storm!!

We spent the day cleaning. Ugh. But now I feel a little better, because the house had gotten out of control. Now, it's not perfect, but it is certainly better!

One thing I did today that was a major accomplishment was to put the kids out grown clothes into the attic. I hate doing that. I think it might be the saddest thing that mother have to do! Folding all those little clothes and packing them away because their little owner can no longer use them. *sigh*

And on the topic of kids growing to fast . . . Grace got her first hair cut the other day! Her hair was getting so long that the little curls were disappearing. She only got about an inch cut off, but now those little curls "poing" right up and bounce around! So Cute!
And since I promised more pictures when I switched to blogger, here is a pic of our boys in front of the new fire place at my parents. A cozy picture for such a cold day!

23 February 2007

For a good laugh and a healthy dose of Holy Terror, go here. This woman is what my mother would have become if my dad hadn't saved her!!

20 February 2007

It was an enormously fat Tuesday this year. Christopher started the day appropriatly with a pancake the size of his plate (at his request). Amazingly, he ate almost the entire thing. And he didn't even know it was Fat Tuesday! I took a picture, but of course I left my camer a at home (I am posting at my parents).

So, Lent starts tomorrow. Lent is a funny time of year, really. It really makes you appreciate the whole Catholic idea that God allows suffering and that through our suffering, we appreciate all that He has given us even more.

There is something "fun" about Lent. I don't mean that Holy idea that suffering is so great and it brings us closer to God. I wish I could be Holy enough to think like that, but alas, I am not. I mean the whole commraderie that comes along with observing Lent. Knowing that we are all hungry together on Ash Wednesday, knowing that we are all eating Tuna Casserole on Friday night, understanding why your friends have no beer to offer you (haha). It is a sense of all being in this together that makes it fun, in a not so fun way. And it is this that makes gordging yourself on Fat Tuesday and Pharisee Runs at midnight all the more exciting.

18 February 2007

We have eaten far to much food today. Is it bad to spend your Sundays being gluttonous -- we did spend it with family after all. We had a great brunch at my mom and dad's. Delish food it the wonderful new kitchen and relaxation by the fire in the not so new living room. Then we had dinner at the Antonio's.

We watched "Throw Down with Bobby Flay" TWICE because both parents had to see the Philly Cheese Steak competition. Funny stuff. Now Andrew wants to be fat and get tattoos so that he can become Lafayette's famous food guru.

Isn't that a friendly greeting? I told you it was easier to post images here! I think we will all appreciate this little change in format.
Over time I hope to transfer my old LJ posts over to here. That way, at least for my own sake, they will all be in one place.