30 October 2007

Birthdays, Farms, and Doctors

Happy Fifth Birthday to Angelica . . . sorry it's late!

Sunday was the annual Fall Farm Party at Uncle Johnny's. The kids had a super fun time roasting "mallows" (as Hope calls them), carving pumpkins, and going on a very crazy hay ride. Christopher and Grace sent the funniest little thank you cards to Uncle Johnny yesterday. Grace's said "That was a bumpy ride!" Of course, I didn't take any pictures. Maybe I'll hijack some from my dad's computer.

I had my first Dr. appointment yesterday -- baby is healthy and right on target for growth. I had to find a new Dr. since mine ditched me, but I think that this one is going to be really good. Any suggestions on a doula? To get or not to get? Worth the bling? We are still in the debating process here. Although the Dr. was totally supportive if we go the route.


LauraSuz said...

If you’re not sure if you want a doula or not, there's a lady in our NFP class right now that is training to be a doula. Since she's in the processes of getting certified she isn’t charging. It might be a great way to find out if you like it or not without paying for it. I can get her name and number if you like. We have a meeting this Friday so if you do let me know by then.

Anna said...

Sarah, there are the "Faiths." And then I heard Bri Dale tell that her mother is training to be a doula. You would be great for a trainee since you have birthed two babes with skill and ease. And it might not cost anything.

If you want to be really cheap I will doula for you ;)

Sarah said...

Laura -- I would love it if you could get her info for me! Thanks!

Anna -- I know red haired Faith is great, but she is a little pricey. I think you would be a great doula!

Anne said...

Sarah - It may or may not be the same lady that Laura is referring to, but someone advertised the very same thing "doula-in-training-for-free" in our bulletin a couple of weeks ago. I remember because I was so bummed out to have missed the opportunity.

Joannie said...

my friend Megan is a doula. But she lives in NJ. so this comment is pointless.