30 June 2008

A taste of the hippie life

We spent the majority of the weekend pretending we were hippies at the Fiddler's Gathering. We listened to fantastic old time music and Andrew learned a bit at the fiddling workshop. We ate too much greasy food, took naps in the grass and saw an old friend propose on stage!!! It was a great, relaxing yet exhausting weekend. The weather was a little schizophrenic, bouncing from torrential downpours to hot sunny skies, but it was worth getting soaked and scorched!

23 June 2008

There were four in the bed and the little one said


My sweet little 2 1/2 month old baby is rolling over!! I thought they were supposed to stay snuggly and immoble for at least three good months. I feel jipped!

In other big news, Christopher learned to ride his bike with out training wheels the other night. He is extremely excited about it. We had an impromptu picinic at Prophetstown and decided to crown the night by the removal of training wheels.

Grace sweetly insisted that she too be the center of attention.

And just a little bit of crazy to brighten your day!

17 June 2008

Motherly Music

"I finally had to face the facts in a dressing room at TJMaxx . . . "

Am I the last mother on earth to find out about Marie Bellet?? She's awesome! Check out this music video.

12 June 2008

Picture Perfect

Here are a few more pictures from Isabella's baptism and the party afterwards.

My sister Annie and her hubby Martin are Bella's Godparents. I'm not sure why Andrew looks so goofy in this picture, but everyone else looks cute!

Christopher with his crazy gang of boys.

Pretty girl, loving all the attention!

I love the way Christopher looks in this picture. He kind of reminds me of my Uncle Johnny. That's a root beer, by the way.

And here is PX trying to make up for the fact that he just bopped his pal Toby.

"Here! Share my Cake, Boby!"

10 June 2008

The Newest Little Catholic

Here's our sweet little saint!

I think Bella may have had the best baptism of the children yet! Grace's was certainly entertaining (when is Fr. Vath not entertaining??), but Isabella's was beautiful. We invited the children's friends -- three families, but a total of thirteen children. They all gathered around the Holy Water font and watched intently while Fr. Alex baptized little Bella. It was really sweet to see all of the little children excited to see what was happening.

Then we celebrated with a rousing Catholic cookout -- plenty of beer, wine, and wild children! I love being Catholic, and I am sure Bella does too!

*Hopefully I will have more pictures soon -- my dad and Margaret took more than I did!