26 November 2009

"Be Thankful

for all that you have! Be Thankful! From the bottom of you heart!"

I seriously WOKE UP with that song in my head.

Did you *heart* Psalty when you were a kid??

I couldn't find that exact song, but here is a link to a song that was on the same cassette. There are bunches on youtube. Enjoy and try not to tear up!


08 November 2009

Isn't it cute . . .

When this:Becomes this:
And cutely (that really should be a word) enough they are standing in the right order! Sweet little girlies!

And I am pretty sure that the photo above was taken exactly two years ago today!
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My Little Server

Christopher was able to serve for the first time this past Wednesday. He is just barely seven and has not yet received his First Holy Communion (he will this spring), so this was quite a special experience!
The Legion of Mary is holding a special rosary service on the first Wednesday's. Christopher is already excited for the next service! The other little boys had only served one other time, but they were taught and mentored by a lovely college aged boy. And Father was unbelievably sweet and cute with his tiny servers!
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04 November 2009

Hijacked Picture

My brother and his family were visiting this weekend. I have zero pictures, since my camera has gone missing, but luckily the rest of the family got plenty. I hijacked this pic from his blog. As you can see, it was an energy-filled weekend. Nine kids total and all of them CRAZY!!! So fun! (And no, this wasn't taken on Halloween . . . we tend to wear costumes year-round in our family!)