28 December 2011

Brotherly Love on Christmas Day

22 December 2011

Christmas Ornaments

 This afternoon, we cranked up the Advent music and set to work making Christmas ornaments.  I set out to just do salt dough, but then decided to try cinnamon ornaments and I am so glad I did!

The kitchen smelled fantastic and the ornaments turned out very pretty.

Grace got out her stamp set to decorate her ornaments.  Cute!!

19 December 2011

Monday Morning Musings

It's still a little dark outside and, amazingly, my house is quiet.  Most everyone is still sleeping and Avila is snoring on my lap.  She always pops up when I wake up, but generally isn't really ready to be awake.  So today, she chose to sleep on top of me.

We're only a week out from Christmas and, per usual, I feel totally unprepared.  One day, I'll be on my game and get everything finished in July so that I can really savor Advent.  One day.

I was really proud of our ability this year to make about 90% of our gifts.  A few for the kids will be purchased (I can't make books or boots!) and some were bartered from artisans and crafters on etsy.  I was proud, until a read my sister in laws blog and she made ALL of their gifts.  She always beat me :)  But, she's a veritable wonder-woman!

My week will be spent with my knitting needles and and sewing maching finishing up this and that.  Hopefully everything will come together without too many long, late nights! 

02 December 2011

Laundermat to the Rescue!

Sometimes life jumps up and attacks you.  You know, like when seven people all try to stagger and drag out wicked cases of the stomach flu.

And then you know what else attacks you?  Large, looming loads of really dirty laundry.

This was my life this past week and while looking back I might be able to find a glimmer of humor in it all, I probably won't.  But I did learn an important lesson - Laundermats are my friend!  Yes, it was a little scuzzy and the clientele was slightly scary, but where else can you get five loads of laundry done AND knit half a hat while drinking a Caramel Brulee Latte all in the comfort of a hard plastic chair and a sticky floor??

Admittedly, the greatness of this little excursion was the act of being productive coupled with an hour of childless quiet (thanks to my hubby!).

But the lesson was still learned - laundermats are great!

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