31 August 2012


It's football fever around here.  Both boys are playing football this season - Christopher plays full pads with the school's "Little Gridiron" program and PeterXavier is playing flag football.  PeterXavier had a game last night and made a pretty good run.


Mrs. H. said...

Sarah: Are you ever going to post again?? I know I miss your posts and I am sure everybody else does too! After all, you don't have anything else to do.

Anne said...

Hey - where did you go?! The only way I know anything about your life is from the blog!!! :o) I miss your posts!

Joannie said...

In an effort to get you to come out of hiding, or off your sabbatical, haha, I tagged you for the Liebster Award. See my blog. but don't feel obligated in any way. ; )