26 September 2009

A Funny Little Story

This is funny, if you are a "IRL" friend who knows the same people we know. To the other readers, sorry to bore you=)
While we were in Disney, I was continually impressed and excited with the care and attention we got as consumers with food "allergies". (They are actually intolerances, which are far less serious, thankfully.) Everytime we were enjoying hamburgers with gluten free buns or brownie ice cream sundaes, I would think "I HAVE to email Shawn and tell her about this!!" Three of Shawn's four daughters were recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease -- far more serious than our intolerances.
And then we went on Splash Mountain.

Heh heh. Look who else was on Splash Mountain!!!

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A Vacay Report

Phew. We are all exhausted. My parents took us to Disney World this past week. And we used every.single.minute. It was great fun and now I want to sleep for a month!

We flew with Dumbo.

Plummeted down Splash Mountain (pictures to come later).
Christopher got to train to be a Jedi Knight and learned to defeat Darth Vader!
But Darth Vader must have sensed the Dark Side in PeterXavier, because he kept coming over to look at him!
And at the end of each day, we all felt like this!
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15 September 2009

Pre-Vacay Vacay

Here we are in this hotel in Indianapolis for our "pre-vacation" (next week, we are going on a mega-vacay with my parents!) for the week while Andrew is in training at the Indy Ivy Tech campus. The kids and I are just enjoying free cable, free breakfast, and a swimming pool. We met Andrew for a picnic lunch today, went for a swim, and now the kiddies are relaxing with some quality (ha!) TV time.

One of the joys of unschooling is the premise that "learning takes place everywhere" and, therefore, trips like this are prime learning experiences. Right?? Yesterday, the kids and I were at the pool and the sign said:


Christopher read it allowed and said:

"Whores at nine AM? What does that mean?"

Yes, we are learning all the time!

03 September 2009

Drapery: The New Black

Here are some (really awful) pictures of my curtain skirt. (per Jill's request -- Hi Jill!) It's definetly not perfect -- the hem turned out a little funny, but it is still fun to wear. I hope someone comes up to me sometime and says "I have a curtain at home just like that!!"