17 January 2010

Weekend Recap

Following a LOOONG week, this weekend went WAY too fast! Since this week was a bit . . . stressful (let's just say the vacuums got a serious workout and if I were to dump the bags out back, the bird would have a feast!), we were all suffering from some serious cabin fever. To remedy the situation, we headed out early Saturday to spend the day at the Indy Children's Museum. We got there earlier than usual, so we were able to do a few things we haven't done before. Christopher got to climb the rock wall and got all the way to the top! He was quite proud and had a great time.

Whenever we truck down to Indy, we try to get the most out of our trip (it's an hours drive), so we hit Trader Joe's for groceries and then went to Goodwill in search of a few things. I scored big with a new coat for PeterXavier. The zipper on his old one broke and he really couldn't make it a whole winter with a broken zipper. I was kind of happy, because I had never really liked the coat anyway, but couldn't justify replacing a perfectly good coat, just because I thought it was ugly! So now he has one, similar to his big brothers, and that makes him happy!

And did you know that Goodwill has OUTLETS??? Seriously. I was shocked. It was a pretty scuzzy place -- I think they take the donations straight from the donors garbage bag and dump them into bins. But I am not above scuz if it means a hot deal! And for many items, you pay by WEIGHT! Haha. It totally made me laugh. But we found Christopher a new (to him) bike for only nine dollars! He had outgrown his in the middle of last summer, but we were waiting for a good deal to come along. He was pretty happy when we found this one. In fact, everyone was so excited that they bundled up and took a ride to Border's this morning before Mass. (We're thankful for an adventurous Daddy!)

10 January 2010

Naming Fun!

Have you seen this site? It is a really cute and fun way to come up with different baby name ideas. I typed in the names of our children in order to see what names it would pick that we might also like. It actually came up with some good ones!! And ones I hadn't thought of, as well. "Francesca"?? Woo! "Giovanna", which is awesome, but not very practical. And the funniest -- "Lafayette"!! Ha!

Of course, when I typed in "PeterXavier" it didn't quite know what to do. And then I tried our most probable middle name pick for a boy -- which is a REAL name -- and it still didn't know what to do!! So funny. Maybe I just like weird names?

We had a good time playing around with this. It was a great conversation starter -- seeing as Andrew is the "hold the baby in my arms before I name him (her)" kind of person. Which is kind of annoying for a "let's sit and chat about baby names" kind of person! And since we are a little stumped anyway, it was fun to get some more ideas.

08 January 2010

Getting back to normal

This blog seems to be reflecting my life as it is right now. It can pretty much be summed up in two words:

Waaaay behind.

But things are looking up. I am finally starting to feel like a somewhat normal, but very tired, person. But I think I can deal with fatigue and occasional nausea much better than constant, never-ending nausea. Much better, I say.

My mom had the kids over to spend the night last night and didn't bring them home until mid-afternoon. I actually used my time wisely and in most areas of house keeping I am no longer WAY behind, but merely somewhat behind! Actually, the insane amounts of laundry are caught up and I can now walk through the kids room without fear of breaking my neck as I trip over legos. Things are looking much better around here.

Now, if I could get back on track with my grocery / meals routine, life might run smoothly!