31 July 2008

Big Boy

Happy Birthday to our Big Boy Christopher, who turns SIX today!! Time sure flies. It seems like yesterday that we were held our tiny little boy and first knew the joy of parenthhood. It's been a super fun six years!!

And a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Daddy!

17 July 2008

I'm in Love

Could he be any cuter?? Seriously, if I weren't Catholic, I'd convert just to be affiliated with Pope Benedict.

And he sends text messages!!

15 July 2008

Faith and Family

I have been subscribing to Faith and Family magizine for years now and LOOOVE it. I was SUPER excited last week when I got an email inviting me to a sneak preview of their new and improved website Faith and Family Live. It is totally fantastic.

In your excitement and enjoyment try not to forget about your children. And your hubby might need dinner . . . or clothes for work tomorrow . . .

12 July 2008

Truth Be Told

I think we are having a little trouble with telling the truth around here. Grace, frustrated with her brothers sleeping in, appraoched me this morning:

Sometimes, to wake up Christopher, Daddy dumps water on his head . . . so can I do that??

Daddy has never been known to do that. I just said no.

09 July 2008

Growing too fast

Bell-ee is three months old today! I can't believe how big she is getting -- rolling over, smiling, babbling, and laughing! We have been so excited to have our newest little monkey. It is amazing how you are in awe of everything they are and do, even though you have had other children. It's so fun!

And lest you think she is all photogenic giggles and smiles, let it be known that it took me 29 shots to get this smiley one. Usually, she looks like a (cute!) goober.

Cannibalistic 2 year old.

PeterXavier said his first sentence today:

"Watch out, I'll eat you!"

01 July 2008

Fossils. Apparently, their mom is one.

I can hear my kids playing out in the sandbox. The game involves excavating items from a time long ago. I keep hearing them exclaim:

"This is from the 1980's!!"