13 February 2010

Valentine Making Adventures

While Andrew was at the Men's Retreat this morning (with Dr. Cuddeback . . . can you say jealous?? At least Andrew came home for his check book so he could buy the book!), the kids and I worked on making Valentines.

It was an adventure, to say the least. And a learned a lot. For example, did you know that if you heat a hard boiled egg in the mircowave it explodes? It makes a pretty impressive noise, too. I can't tell you just how long you have to cook it, but I do know that at the time of the sonic boom, the timer read 31:42.

Some how I think Andrew's morning was a little . . . quieter.

And the Valentine's . . . they got made, but they may be lacking the candy to which they were supposed to be attached. Some people just can't handle seeing candy and not eating it.

I doubt those men at Church grew in patience as I did this morning. Or maybe I didn't . . .

11 February 2010

Dustin' the cobwebs off the ol' blog

Does anyone even read this anymore?? Sorry for the serious lack of posting -- all of my (few) creative juices have been sucked away by this new little person.

Despite the fact that not one flake fell from the sky yesterday, Andrew had the day off from work. It was a great little bonus day in the middle of a somewhat boring week. We didn't do any thing exciting -- cleaned up the house, ran a few errands -- but it was fun to do it all together.

Isabella is in the very early stages of potty training. It is quite funny, actually. I am certainly not stessing over it, since she is still really young, but she is somewhat interested, so we are just rolling with it. The big kids think it's great. If she does her job properly, they cheer and woop and carry her in the air as they parade around the house. I thought all the commotion might scare her into diapers for the rest of her life, but she seems to love it! What ever works, I guess!

Inspired by Elizabeth Foss's popcorn snowballs, I let the kids make rice krispy treats last night. But I didn't realize how late it was . . . so we may have had a bit of a sugar high around 9:30 last night . . . and we may have eaten some more for breakfast this morning! But I LOVED what she said:

Even if you don't have snow, read the books and make the popcorn balls.
Childhood should be sweet.
Well, we didn't have the books and I was to lazy to pop corn, so we "made do" with rice krispies. No one complained :)