30 May 2010

Holy Family Catholic Conference

This past weekend, we went to the Holy Family Catholic Conference in Kokomo. When we pulled up and saw this:

We knew we were in the right place!

We had a great time, as the entire event was set up specifically for families. The bigger kids each had their own special activities, while the
smaller ones stayed with us. (We could have dropped them off and had a virtually kid-free weekend, but that's not how we roll!).

While all of the speakers were fantastic, the highlight of the weekend for many fans in our family, was meeting Fr. Leo.

And then being called up on stage BY NAME to taste-test his food. Crud. I had a picture and it disappeared. PeterXavier and Fr. Leo really hit is off and they have the same birthday, which was only a few days before the conference, so he called PX up onto the stage to try the food he had just made. It was totally cute. There were other people up there as well, but he was the only one singled out. And now PeterXavier is Fr. Leo obsessed.

24 May 2010

Good Grief

Where did the time go? It's been six weeks since I posted!! Woops. Part of the problem is that I have this fancy new SD card, which is apparently to fancy for my archaic computer and I can't seem to upload any of my pictures.

Much is still the same around here -- our house is still for sale and nothing looks to be changing on that front any time soon. I am still pregnant -- enormously so -- and hopefully nothing will change on that front for a couple more weeks. And let's just say that 37 weeks pregnant and 90 degree weather don't mix very well. Eesh.

Funny story about our house: We were heading out of town this weekend (that's a post in itself -- coming soon, once I can upload the pics) and had to leave early Saturday morning in order to reach our destination in time. Consequently, the house was in less than stellar condition as we walked out the door. Andrew mentioned to me that maybe we should straighten up quickly, just in case we got a call for a showing. I laughed at him and reminded him that we hadn't had a showing in over three weeks -- what are the odds of getting one now?? So we left the house and locked it up tight -- with keys that no one else but the realtor has.

And I think I heard God laughing.

That afternoon who should call, but the realtor! So we called in the emergency troops (my awesome parents), had the realtor run down to our house and let them in, and in a whirlwind fifteen minutes they somehow managed to clean our entire house. It was pretty much insane, but luckily everything worked out in the end. Maybe I should start listening to my husband more often??