30 January 2012


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27 January 2012

Seven Quick Takes

Not long ago, my sister wrote about savoring the quiet days at home with her little girls.  I absolutely know what she's talking about.  Except I'm half way on the other side.  I swear I used to have a nine year old boy around here, but I am starting to forget what he looks like . . . . yep, life gets busy.

It's ill-advised to promise your kids a yummy treat without first checking to be certain your pantry holds all of the needed ingredients.  But necessity is the mother of invention, right?  Did you know that you can make make powdered sugar in your coffee grinder?  Yeppers.  Just grind up your regular sugar and add a bit of cornstarch.  Not quiet the really thing, but it will do in a pinch!

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Quick Take Three, courtesy of Avila.  She's into everything these days.  And talking a bit.  She says "'Ol' me! 'ol' me!" and makes this weird milking-a-cow gesture at me when she wants to nurse.

It's not doing much for my self-image.
 Double-fisted chocolate delight.

I had a revelation the other day as to why PeterXavier is still not reading.  He's only 5 1/2, so I am certainly not concerned.  It's just that he so wants to be able.  Then I realized that the basic premise of reading is learning, applying, and following rules.  Well, shoot.  He may never learn!  "Rule Following" isn't in his make up.  I may have to take a different approach with this one!
(Sort of like his Uncle John who, in this picture, is wearing a cowl on his head!)
I'm hosting a giveaway!  Don't forget to enter to win!  It's easy and fun and the gloves are darn cute :)
Childrens Fingerless Gloves Mittens Navy Blue 2 to 6 years

Seven's a big number . . . .I'm fresh out of ideas.

26 January 2012


Time for some giveaway fun!  I am really excited about the little "Fingerless Gloves" I have been making.  They have been crazy popular with my kids and now it is fun to see them being a popular item in my Etsy store.

Childrens Fingerless Gloves Mittens Navy Blue 2 to 6 years

Now it's your turn for a chance at a pair of these fun little accessories!  This giveaway is for one pair of either "bridal pink" or "navy blue" 100% wool fingerless gloves, sized 2-6 years (approximately).  

Kids Fingerless Gloves Sky Blue 2 to 6 years

Here are the rules - you can "earn" an entry a couple different ways.  First, "like" That's A Wrap on Facebook and come back here to let me know.  

Share the giveaway and FB page on your own blog and / or fb and come back to let me know.

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Childrens Fingerless Gloves Mittens Navy Blue 2 to 6 years

Don't forget to come back and COMMENT on what you did, saw, love!

I will pick a winner via random generator on Monday!  Good Luck!

18 January 2012

Cute toddlers

This little girl is such a stinker.  She is really developing a little personality and is making the whole family laugh.  Despite the fact that she firmly told me "No!" when I suggested the potty to her, and despite the fact that she flung flour all over my kitchen and then peed on it, I'm still pretty sure she's the cutest toddler girl around!

11 January 2012

Yarnin' Along, Again

Wow.  I haven't done a Yarn Along in a while.  Not that I haven't been knitting.  Most of my recent projects were Christmas gifts and, therefore, not bloggable.  But I have picked up the needles again, after a short break from Christmas overload!

I knit these fun fingerless gloves for PeterXavier and was quickly bombarded with requests from the other children.  Thankfully, they're a rather quick knit.  Christopher has a pair as well, now, and Gracie has some on the needles.  They fancy-schmancy hand painted yarn I am using for her's is a bear to work with, so they are slow going.  I can't wait to finish them and be rid of that yarn!

Last night I bought some yummy soft pink Lanaloft to make Bella some gloves.  I can't wait to dig into that yarn.

As for reading, it's all been on my awesome new Kindle Fire.  In the past couple weeks, I have read the first two books on the Hunger Games trilogy.  Without being a spoiler, what's your take on these books?  They seem to beg discussion :)

Don't forget to visit Ginny for more Yarn Alongs!

10 January 2012

Kitchens, Little Chefs, and Funny Kids

Apparently, the funniest thing going these days is closing you sister in the "'fridge".  Avila shuts Bella in and shrieks with laughter.

And sweet Bella plays right along, indulging her sister over, and over, and over again.

Chef PeterXavier received a six week cooking course for Christmas.  This evening is his first class and he has been asking since he got up "Is it time yet?".  He dressed himself . . . can you tell?

03 January 2012

DIY Extravaganza

My parents got me a Kindle Fire for Christmas and it's pretty much the coolest thing I've ever owned.  But the poor naked little thing needed a cover.  Have you priced those things?  Um, gag.  Wow.  

So I pulled out my scissors, my sewing machine, and my goodwill bag and viola!

Totally awesomely free Kindle cover!

(Sure is cuter than the cloth diaper I was wrapping it in before!)

And speaking of free (and why my goodwill bag runneth over) . . . 

My fantastically organized closet!  Andrew spent a large portion of his Christmas break revamping my seriously disorganized too-messy-for-before-pictures closet into this thing of beauty.


He re-purposed a load of old pallets and it is amazing!  As an added bonus of wonderful - it didn't cost a dime!  (Except to the stud finder we had to buy since the kids broke the old one.  Oops)  Love it!