06 May 2013

Mother's Shower

Alrighty.  I'm dusting off the old blog, because some experiences just have to be shared.

I know so many mamas of many have encountered many nay-sayers, some close to their hearts, some complete strangers.  I have to admit, I haven't really found this to be true for me.  People certainly share opinions, but I have never been so bombarded that I feel attacked in any way.  It's easy enough to laugh off.

On the flip side, I have also felt extreme support for this path of motherhood I've traveled.  But none more than last weekend when a friend hosted a "Mother's Shower" for myself and two other sweet mamas.  When one thinks of a baby shower, images of new mamas, gifts of giant strollers and playpens, and crazy games come to mind.

This shower had none of that.  It was just so much MORE.  It was truly a blessing to all in attendance, but most especially to the mothers.

For one thing, each of us was expecting either baby #5 or baby #6.  I'm pretty sure none of us needed a giant stroller.  But I know for certain that we all need love, support, and prayer.

Our talented hostess (oh, if I could be so cute and talented!) provided a beautiful spread of delicious food and drinks.  She also provided comfort and hospitality for all to simply visit and enjoy.

The crux of the event was prayer.  She wrote up a beautiful and moving Litany invoke Mary and many Saints to bless the mothers and bless our children.  She invited all in attendance to continue praying for us.  It was really an amazing thing to know that, even after six children, people are rooting for you!

We left the afternoon with flowers, a book of prayers and well wishes from all attendees, and special candles to light when labor started.

Now that Kateri has been born, I can say these candles were an amazing source of strength and support.  All of the woman at the shower that day were given a small candle (and matches!) to light when they were informed that one of us was in labor.  I lit mine and knew my friends were praying for me.  And I even checked Instagram at one point and saw a picture of a friends candle, lit for me, and placed next to a picture of Our Lady!  Chills!  It was beautiful.