30 June 2009

Lactation Education

Isabella has developed this weird habit of waking up in the morning and wanting to nurse for some crazy insane amount of time. I am not complaining. No one else is awake, so I let her nurse while I drink my coffee (I am sure this is great for her!) and read a book or blogs or whatever. It's a pretty great deal, really. Sometimes I spout off some weird and random fact to my husband and he asks, bewildered, how I have so much time to read. I call it my "Lactation Education." Who needs to pay a university for higher education?? Maybe if I have enough children I can homeschool my own masters?! I told him, when you learn to lactate, you can spend more time reading as well! It is really my own selfishness that drives me to breastfeed my babies for so long. Once they stop, the built in "slow down" moments of my day are gone. I'll just keep snuggling this little one for as long as she'll let me!

24 June 2009

Counting Down

The Natural Baby Fair is only THREE DAYS away. Will I see you there?

I am almost, maybe, not really, going to be ready on time. I have been sewing and bowing in every spare moment that I have . . . which hasn't really been that many, seeing the this week was VBS, among other things. You know, like four little people demanding your attention. And a garbage disposal that decides to give out. (it didn't like the rocks we fed it. Imagine that.) Or blogging when the kids are napping / out with Ooma. Or the three year old who, out of the blue spikes a fever of 102. Or the one year old with a mysterious full body rash.

Yeah. Between all that, I may be ready for the Fair in time.

If they reschedule it for January.

14 June 2009

I can't believe I let my son ride this dirt bike. But isn't he cute?? And he did such a great job! Now his little mind is swimming with dirt biking dreams.

And so is Bella's. But she is going for a different look all together!

This is Christopher's hero and pal, Will, catching some air on the big jump.

And even Grace got in on the action. When she first got on, I heard her say "I don't want to go on the jumps!" It didn't take her long to change her mind!
I actually took a turn, as well. But I only rode the kiddie version. And we'll leave the photo evidence over on facebook. I don't need my image tainted over here!
Andrew is now Mr. Dirtbike Obssession Man, but I guess I didn't get any good pictures of him. He even got air on the jumps! And he left muddied from head to toe . . .

12 June 2009

Oh, how I wish I were so cool

This mom is awesome. I discovered this blog and I have been experimenting on Grace's head these last few days. I won't post any pictures, because my attempts are pretty pitiful. BUT! I have been so inspired! I am determined to keep practicing (for as long as Grace will sit still!) and maybe, oh maybe, someday I'll get good.

11 June 2009

Over at Faith and Family Live! they have been hosting a weekly "Small Successes" (does that word look funny to you?). I have never joined in, mainly because I have trouble coming up with successes beyond "All six of us survived this week alive" and I don't think that really counts=) So here's for trying.


I have successfully take all four kids to the swimming pool a number of times. Alone. And remained cheerful about it! Hooray! I think the cheer factor is what makes this a true success.


I FINALLY made the batch of laundry detergant I have been meaning to make for weeks now. A friend came over a few months ago and taught me how to make it. It is great stuff, but when that first batch ran out, I was lazy and just bought cheapy detergant at the store. I am happy to have my five gallon bucket filled and ready now!


This last success was a joint effort -- me, my mom, and my sweet Bella. Isabella STAYED WITH MY MOM while I went to the store yesterday. This is a major break-through for the little girl who despises all people beyond me and her daddy. Not only did she stay, but she was happy! And she had fun! I was proud of her and of me, as neither of us cried!

So, there is my successful week, small as it may be. What are your successes? Weigh in at Faith and Family Live!

10 June 2009

I went to the grocery store this afternoon, while my wonderful mother watched ALL four kids. It was great. While I was there, I picked up a package of toilet paper. As I was loading it into the car I noticed that the package excitedly announced

"Unique Ridge! Leaves NO THING behind!!"
And I though "Well, that is a bit . . . gross."
Later, when I got home and went to put the TP where it belonged, I realized that I had, in fact, purchased paper towels.
It all makes sense now.
But if the TP company is looking for a new slogan, I have a great one for 'em!
Note: I apologize for the over abundance of potty posts . . . but I can't promise it will get any better=)

03 June 2009

PeterXavier found himself a great new toy. The toilet seat lid. He is currently carrying in around the house and he has threatened to take it to the pool. I have no idea how he got it off. But it no longer has the ability to stay attached to its proper home.

Do things like this happen in your house?


I didn't think so.

My life is so weird.

02 June 2009

Natural Baby Fair

I am very excited to be participating in my areas upcoming Natural Baby Fair! It is put on by our local chapter of CHOICES, "a natural birth and informed parenting network". The Baby Fair will provide huge amount of information for anyone interested in supporting or learning more about natural parenting styles. I am really excited to be there as a vendor, selling my Baby Wraps and other accessories.

The event is FREE and there will be speakers throughout the day on all sorts of fun topics: Natural childbirth, cloth diapering, babywearing, doulas . . . They will also have give-aways and raffles throughout the day (win one of my wraps!). It should be a really fun and informative day! I hope some locals show up -- stop by my spot and say hi!

01 June 2009

Busy, busy, busy

I have a bunch of posts swimming around in my head, but I have only had about 3.4 seconds a day to blog. Busy, busy and always running.
This weekend we went on a family bike ride for the first time. It was such a great way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon! And then Andrew and the kids rode up to my parents later in the day. That bike trailer was the best $30 Goodwill find ever! (And yes, Andrew does have Bella wrapped on his back!)

And the kids found a Tarzan vine to swing on.

Nursing baby is not happy . . . more later.

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