02 June 2009

Natural Baby Fair

I am very excited to be participating in my areas upcoming Natural Baby Fair! It is put on by our local chapter of CHOICES, "a natural birth and informed parenting network". The Baby Fair will provide huge amount of information for anyone interested in supporting or learning more about natural parenting styles. I am really excited to be there as a vendor, selling my Baby Wraps and other accessories.

The event is FREE and there will be speakers throughout the day on all sorts of fun topics: Natural childbirth, cloth diapering, babywearing, doulas . . . They will also have give-aways and raffles throughout the day (win one of my wraps!). It should be a really fun and informative day! I hope some locals show up -- stop by my spot and say hi!


Maryanne said...

oooo...that does sound interesting!

Beth F said...

Ah! I will be in Laf the weekend BEFORE! Frustrating! You have a wrap business? How did I miss that?

Sarah said...

Maryanne -- You should stop by! It will be great=)

Beth -- Oh no! Sorry you will miss it. You would love it! Yes, I make / sell wraps . . . I am not a very vocal "business woman". I have never done an event like this, though, and am very excited about it!

Annie said...

I had no idea you were going to be a vendor! I saw the posters for it around downtown... didn't get the email... I'm sure it's sitting in my inbox, but I think the last time I checked my email was a few days after Greta was born. Oops.