12 June 2009

Oh, how I wish I were so cool

This mom is awesome. I discovered this blog and I have been experimenting on Grace's head these last few days. I won't post any pictures, because my attempts are pretty pitiful. BUT! I have been so inspired! I am determined to keep practicing (for as long as Grace will sit still!) and maybe, oh maybe, someday I'll get good.


Maria said...

I followed that link and wow, that mom is talented. I don't know if my little girl would tolerate that much work being done on her hair. How did you get yours to sit still?

Anonymous said...

Sarah: You are awesome with hair! I can't believe how cute Grace's hair looks! I am so sorry that you were stuck with a mom who could not do hair at all. :(
I tried, but all I could come up with were plain old braids or Annie's mushroom cut. At least it was clean and neat....that was the best I could do.
Love, mama