30 June 2009

Lactation Education

Isabella has developed this weird habit of waking up in the morning and wanting to nurse for some crazy insane amount of time. I am not complaining. No one else is awake, so I let her nurse while I drink my coffee (I am sure this is great for her!) and read a book or blogs or whatever. It's a pretty great deal, really. Sometimes I spout off some weird and random fact to my husband and he asks, bewildered, how I have so much time to read. I call it my "Lactation Education." Who needs to pay a university for higher education?? Maybe if I have enough children I can homeschool my own masters?! I told him, when you learn to lactate, you can spend more time reading as well! It is really my own selfishness that drives me to breastfeed my babies for so long. Once they stop, the built in "slow down" moments of my day are gone. I'll just keep snuggling this little one for as long as she'll let me!


Katie said...

LOL! My "nursling" is 15 months now, so I can't read while she nurses anymore, she spends the whole time kicking and smacking my book (or the keyboard, as the case may be).

JamieS said...

Hey, how did the Natural Child event go? It sounds great! I would love it if there were something like that here in FR, but we have to go more toward the city to find that sort of thing. I hope it went well.

I am going to sell our lettuce at the new farmers market here in FR for the first time this weekend. I am pretty nervous; I don't know why, but it's really exciting too!

God speed!