10 March 2011

Playing the Lent Game

The other night, we were discussing what we could "give up" for Lent.  Many different things we mentioned -- sweets, TV, video games.  Then, of course, some rotten monkeys mentioned things like "playing with my little brother" or "doing my morning chores".  Sorry, kids.  That's not going to fly!

But as "candy" and "Daddy's iPhone" became options, Bella huffed in defiance and announced:


09 March 2011

Nine Months on the Ninth!

Time flies when you want it to stand still.  My sweet little baby is getting way. too. big.  I keep telling her to quit, but she's as naughty as the rest of them.

Isn't she cute though?  Don't you kinda want to eat her up?

Funny thing, with your first child you just can't wait until they reach the next milestone.  With the fifth, you just want them to quit already.  I was thinking about it this afternoon and figured it was just because I now know how fleeting it is, how quickly they grow, yada yada,  . . . and then it hit me.  When my kids get bigger, I get . . . pregnant*. 

So come on time, slow down!

(I am NOT.  Sheesh.  I don't need my mom calling me about that one!)

08 March 2011

It's a Fat Fat Tuesday

After a bust of an errand running afternoon, the day redeemed itself with a lovely Fat Tuesday meal.  The table was set and these two sat down early and proceeded to bicker like an old married couple.  
Much to the entertainment and delight of the rest of the family.  Which is to say, they were ticked about something and we just laughed at them!

I came up with a great plan this evening.  One that will make my life infinitly easier in years to come . . . so long as I survive until then.
Teach Grace to cook!  Then I won't have to!  (Actually, I like to cook, but wouldn't it be nice to have options??)
This is Grace presenting her Mardi Gras cake, before we rolled it up.  It was delish!