09 March 2011

Nine Months on the Ninth!

Time flies when you want it to stand still.  My sweet little baby is getting way. too. big.  I keep telling her to quit, but she's as naughty as the rest of them.

Isn't she cute though?  Don't you kinda want to eat her up?

Funny thing, with your first child you just can't wait until they reach the next milestone.  With the fifth, you just want them to quit already.  I was thinking about it this afternoon and figured it was just because I now know how fleeting it is, how quickly they grow, yada yada,  . . . and then it hit me.  When my kids get bigger, I get . . . pregnant*. 

So come on time, slow down!

(I am NOT.  Sheesh.  I don't need my mom calling me about that one!)


Maryanne said...

haha! My youngest brother was just over here this afternoon saying he was assuming I was prego again since Vincent is getting bigger.

I love the pics!

Ben Hatke said...

Wow she is getting too cute. My kids keep telling us Ronia and Avila will be great friends.
Hey isn't it funny that this second round of pregnacies was all female again? (Greta--Avila--Ronia) I just thought that was too wierd.

woops this is Anna being too lazy to sign Ben out.

Sarah said...

Isn't it funny that we can even say "this second round of pregnancies"?!?
I can't wait for Avila and Ronia to be friends! It will be so fun!

Maryanne -- That Vincent IS getting pretty old! What is he, like 15 months now?? Time to get crackin'! :)