31 August 2012


It's football fever around here.  Both boys are playing football this season - Christopher plays full pads with the school's "Little Gridiron" program and PeterXavier is playing flag football.  PeterXavier had a game last night and made a pretty good run.

28 August 2012

Busy Times

School is in full swing here and we are finding our new normal.  It's more than a little wild though.  PeterXavier started Kindergarten this year.  He loves it.  Everyday he comes home and says school was "awesome" and when asked what he learned says "nothing".  My mother wisely pointed out that this means he's having so much fun he doesn't realize he is learning.  I like that explanation.

As wonderful as kindergarten is, it has added one more schedule to the mix.  We are basically running on Christopher's traditional school schedule, Grace's home school schedule, and PeterXavier's kindergarten schedule.  Throw in naps (not really happening, but a girl can pretend), big kid football, and flag football and you have a bit of a wild ride.

Oh, and did I mention that we got rid of one of our cars?  Andrew's car died and we were left wondering what to do.  Buying a truck was strongly considered, but that's expensive so many levels - initial cost, registration, taxes, insurance, and then gas to make the thing run.  Yikes!

So we bought a bike.*

Best. Decision. Ever.

Ask me again in January, but right now, I am loving this set up.  We are blessed to live very close to everything as well as in a town with great public transportation.  Also, biking is becoming much more prominent in our area, making it that much safer.  Andrew tries to bike or bus to work each day and the kids and I are biking all over.

It's great to chat as we ride, share in the challenge of a tough hill climb, and listen to screeches and screams as we glide down a hill.  It's also fun for us to stop and chat with people as we pass by, talk to each other as we stop for a water break, or cheer each other on when the going gets tough.

(*My beloved Ute was purchase used from our local bike shop - I certainly didn't pay sticker price.  I don't want anyone to follow that link and think I'd lost my marbles)
**Also, Avila does not ride on the deck as pictured above!  Andrew built me a stoker bar and Avi was pretending to test it out.