21 February 2008

Deceptive Baby ticker

If you're watching the baby ticker on the side bar, you'll notice that it's gone back in time. The doctor moved my due date way back when I had my ultrasound, but I have been in denial. Now I figure it's better to set my sites on six weeks, than be disappointed when my original date comes and goes without a baby.

I met with my new doctor yesterday. That's right, I switched doc's in the final stretch of pregnancy. I think the worst thing is to go into the delivery room with a doctor you don't like, so I switched. I think (fingers crossed) that she will be much better than the last guy. At my second to last appointment with him, he looked at my chart and said "So, have we scheduled a date for that c-section yet?" AHH!! That is the last thing a VBAC patient wants to hear!! I think that was the last nail in his coffin. My new doctor actually told me that the last guy doesn't like VBACs and she has had other patients switch to her from him for that very reason. She was extremely supportive though and repeatedly told me that there is no reason for me to have another section.

Today I have an appointment with a doula, so we'll see how that goes. If I like her, I think I'll go with it, but I am not nearly as concerned as I was before. There was no. way. I was going in with that other guy without a doula!

13 February 2008


My computer has returned! After weeks of trying to salvage all of the information on the crashed hard drive, we had to just cut our losses and start from scratch. Hopefully we have learned our lesson on the importance of backing up the computer!

The kids had their little "craft day" yesterday -- talk about feeling inadequate! Stephanie had crafts all ready with peices cut for the kids to make things easier. The "sewed" pockets to hold all of their valentine's and then made a Spiritual Bouquet of tissue paper flowers, each with a prayer intention on the leaf. I am not creative, crafty, or cute, but I love it when other people are so that I can just copy them!

11 February 2008

Christopher had is long anticipated "belt test" on Saturday. He was SO excited! He did an excellent job -- he beat the required 75 kicks per minute by doing 93 and he broke his board on the first try. His doting parents were very proud=). If I knew how to upload videos, I would share with you . . . but I am pretty ignorant in that area. I think we will find out tomorrow whether he passed and will be promoted to yellow belt.

Today was the first Rosary Group at Annie's house. What a great way to start lent. I think you get extra grace when you are able to pray the Rosary with so many very energetic children running around. And I am sure they got some grace as well. I hope that everyone continues to come on Monday's because it was a fun group and good for all of us!

The kiddies are makiing Valentine's to give to their friends at their little "Craft Day" tomorrow. So cute! I better go help.

06 February 2008

This might be dangerous to say . . . but I think we area all over the viscious diseases that have been attacking our house. Now that the entire family has been taking amoxacillin, I think we might live. And now maybe we can rejoin society. I feel like we have been quarentined in our house for the last two weeks! And without a computer! Ahh! I guess lent started early for me this year.

The kids and I went to the craft store today and got the things we need for our "Lenten Calender". They really enjoyed the little project last year and are excited to do it again this year. And now we are off the Mass. We are still computer-less, so don't hold your breath for a timely update!