13 February 2008


My computer has returned! After weeks of trying to salvage all of the information on the crashed hard drive, we had to just cut our losses and start from scratch. Hopefully we have learned our lesson on the importance of backing up the computer!

The kids had their little "craft day" yesterday -- talk about feeling inadequate! Stephanie had crafts all ready with peices cut for the kids to make things easier. The "sewed" pockets to hold all of their valentine's and then made a Spiritual Bouquet of tissue paper flowers, each with a prayer intention on the leaf. I am not creative, crafty, or cute, but I love it when other people are so that I can just copy them!


LauraSuz said...

My Dad and I went out to lunch today at Panini Deli and I saw three adorable pictures of cute kids and then I thought, "Hey! I know them!"

I'm sure the 4th is going to be just as cute!

Sarah said...

That's great! We haven't been back there since the nice lady took the pictures. Now I have a good excuse to go eat their yummy food!

Anne said...

I came over just to see how much longer that baby's going to be floating around...sure is getting close.

Do you know if this one is a boy or a girl?

And I think you should grace us with a prego picture! :o) Don't forget to get that one of your belly between Anna and Annie's babies before Anna leaves the country!!