23 February 2009

Try As We May, We're Still Not Classy

Does anyone else find it hilarious that Lafayette got all high and mighty and got a "David's Bridal" . . . and who should move in next door??

Dollar Tree.

22 February 2009

Traditional Latin Mass

This evening was the first of our newly regularly scheduled Tridentine Mass. It was a really neat eperience and I am really excited to have the oppurtunity to attend this form of the Mass once a month! We got to the Church a few minutes late (big surprise) so we ended up standing in the "kids act like monkeys on speed" room. It was crazy. I think they would have been WAY better if we had been in a pew.

I had been trying to figure out who would be saying the Mass, and fully expected to see Fr. Cano, but what a happy surprise when it was Fr. David!! There is something so amazing about seeing someone you have known your entire life say the Mass. I spoke with his Mom afterwards and I could tell she was so proud!

I was so nervous beforehand about doing everything "right". I had a cute chapel veil for Grace and she was so excited about it. Then, I couldn't find anything for Bella, so I made her a sweet little bonnet. When we got there, hardly anyone was wearing a veil! I was glad we had them, though. I think it is a neat custom and hopefully more people will pick up on it.
I heard afterward that there were 209 people at the Mass. I actually was surprised at how low the number was. I expected better. Hopefully the numbers will grow as time goes on. It was a wonderful Mass and we are blessed to have it available to us! Mary and Una Voce have worked SO HARD to make this all come together!!

19 February 2009

My Life: A Six Year Olds Version

If you know me well enough to know the stories my family tells about me, you will find this funny.

Christopher talking to Grace: Once, Mama got a bone stuck in her mouth and she couldn't close it!! And then, she fainted and FELL IN THE RIVER!!! Hahaha."

I'm sure if I let him go long enough, a goat would have jumped into save me.


Christopher just took a big swig of water and said:

"Mmm. Fresh from the sewer!"

17 February 2009


No, I haven't run away. Although it's tempting.

I haven't been blogging because, well. There isn't really anything interesting to say. My kids are sick, whiny, and (on the bright side) snuggly.

The paradox of illness:

*No one is hungry, yet my kitchen is a mess.

*They've been in their PJ's for three days, yet the laundry is overflowing.

*They have zero energy, but still manage to play plenty of Wii.

*They can barely stay awake at noon, but won't go to bed at eight.

We are really looking forward to April.

10 February 2009

Warmth, Simplicity, and Laughter

This weather is amazingly wonderful. Such a treat in the midst of the loooong, dark winter. The kids are outside, getting very dirty and thoroughly enjoying every ounce of fleeting warmth. I love to stand in the kitchen listening to their giggles and shreaks.

This evening, we are going to a friends home to visit and play games, so Isabella took her nap in the sling on my back while I made Special K bars. Yum! I'll pop some chicken wings in the oven later to take along as well. I am so glad that we won't have to bundle everyone up in order to leave the house!

Somedays, with four little children, life can get very crazy and wild. But on days like today, I can appreciate the simplicity and leisurly pace of this life with tiny ones. We are lacking the rush to practices, lessons, and games. It's nice sometimes to step back and realize that we aren't in a hurry to get anywhere. We are here, and that's a pretty good place to be!

A Night On the Town . . . Sort Of.

There is this crunchy group of Mama's in town called "CHOICES" (it stands for something), and I have been wanting to go to their meeting for a while now, but have just never made it. For one thing, I hate going to things like that alone, and I also hate leaving Andrew and the kids in the evening. Last night, Annie and my friend Stephanie were able to go with me (Martin was busy, too!) and Andrew had class, so the kids were at my mom's (where they'd rather be half the time, anyway!). It was perfect. I am so glad that I was able to go. Christopher's naturopath was the speaker, which made it all the more interesting. She is always informative without making you feel like what you are feeding your kids is going to kill them. The other mom's there seemed very laid back and not crazy fanatics. Different than me, yes . . . I guess I like the skin color God gave me. But I am not judging. She was really nice! And colorful!

Afterwards, the three of us went to Vienna, which was really fun. I never get to just hang out and relax with friends. I am not a big "girls-night-outer", but once in a while it's fun! And it's always great to load your totally adorable niece with caffiene at bed time!

We are definetly going for a walk today -- I love this weather!!

05 February 2009

Little Gracie Homemaker

My lack of housekeeping skills are going to drive my daughter mad.

Today, she combed the fringe on the table cloth.

But she refuses to comb her hair. Go figure.