06 April 2010

I'm a walking (waddling) conversation starter

Last night while we were out and about, I, with my pregnant girth, shuttled the four kids past a group of chatting young college girls. As I went by, I heard one of the girls say to her friends:

"Have you guys seen that show 18 Kids and Counting??"

Seriously. Can YOU count? Five is no where near eighteen!

05 April 2010

Ahh, Spring!

We had a lovely Easter, filled with a beautiful Mass, lots of food, and ridiculous amounts of chocolate. Easter Mass is my most favorite Mass of the year -- I love how the entire church is filled with the smell of fresh flowers, the trumpets and music are so beautiful, and everyone is dressed to the nines. I was totally jealous of all the young skinny girls in the wonderful fancy dresses! *sigh* Some day I will be not pregnant, not nursing, and maybe even skinny all at the same time! (Not that I am ungrateful for my current bump!!)

I made the kids cute little Easter boxes, instead of baskets, this year. And I made homemade Peeps! It was really nice to set out on a crafty project and actually complete it. It has been a while since I have been able to do that. Of course a certain (adorable) three year old wandered off with my SD card a couple weeks ago, so I have zero pictures of cute Easter crafts or cute Easter kiddies.

Spring has really sprung here and it is wonderful. We took the kids to the park and let them run and play off all of their energy before bed time. We hiked up through the woods at Happy Hollow in an area where I had never been before. I had no idea it was even there. It was SO pretty! The kids loved being able to RUN, run, run after the long winter being cooped up indoors. The younger two crashed on the way home, but the older monkeys are chatting away in their beds.