30 November 2007

It's going to be a long day

I'm in for it. PeterXavier just drank half a cup of coffee when I wasn't looking. When I caught him, he just laughed.

Like a maniac.

26 November 2007

Fun Filled Weekend

This holiday weekend was busy, to say the least. We ate our way through Thanksgiving at my parent's house. All five very loud little monkeys played the day away while the Mama's knit and the Daddy's slept.

Then on Friday I spent my entire day trying to convince the doctor that I needed an antibiotic. Seriously. I called for the first time at nine AM and didn't get medicine until SEVEN IN THE EVENING. We went up to the river after that.

And we nearly froze to death.

After we got the cottage to a reasonable temperature, we had a lovely day playing games, reading books, and generally doing nothing.

And on Sunday was The Feast of Christ the King!!! My most favorite liturgical event of the year! Wow. It was so wonderful. Seeing all of the little children frolicing around in their fancy clothes is so fun . . . and hilarious! Such a great future ofr our Church . . . especially if we keep up this rate of procreation!!

21 November 2007

10 November 2007

Anja Louise

Here's the newest beauty!! She is such a sweetie. Weighing in at a petite 5 pounds, 13 ounces, she is a healthy little girl. She's every bit a Schap, not resembling the Hatke's at all!

Annie is doing very well. After a long day of induced labor, she had a c-section about about 10:30. She looked great today, even getting up to put on make up! And of course, the new Mama and Daddy are thrilled to pieces with their beautiful little girl.

It's a . . . .

sorry. I can't tell with out parental permission!! Baby Schap was born last night. Both Mama and Baby are doing well. Hopefully I will update with details and pictures later!

09 November 2007

Good timing

It sure is a good thing we took that picture!! Enormous Annie is at the hospital waiting for her baby to arrive. I told my kids, which was a mistake. Christopher ran upstairs and came back all ready to go see the baby. I had to explain to him that it takes a long time for babies to get here . . . not to mention the hospital won't let the kids go in to the room anyway. They'll have to wait until baby gets home.

08 November 2007

Some Fat, Some Pregnant, Some Just Cute

Why is it that Annie and Anna are cutie pregnant and I'm just fat? (If I'd known it was picture day, I'd have worn something more . . . revealing!)

Notice Annie's super cute new Mama due!

Here we're just laughing . . . we tend to do that.

And just for fun, here's a picture of PeterXavier. He was helping his Daddy make pasta.

03 November 2007

Children's Adoration . . .

A view from the pew:

  • Fifty little kid bums staring at you as fifty little people bow low before their Lord in the Eucharist.
  • Fifty little people follow Father around the Church, completely enthralled by what he has to teach them.
  • Fifty little people gather in the gym to eat pizza and sip lemonade . . . from Budweiser cups.
  • Ten mothers stand around discussing what it is like to be pregnant . . . again.
  • Ten dad's discuss their lack of clean clothing . . . .because their wives are pregnant. Again.

Who wouldn't love to be Catholic?