28 June 2010

Our Weeekend in Pictures

Is there anything cuter than a big brother holding his new little sister??
We packed up all five kids and headed out to the Fiddler's Gathering this weekend. If you look closely in this picture, the miniature people in the back are Annie and Martin. We pulled in at the same time, so the cousins romped around together for the morning. Check out JC online for a super cute picture of the Annie, the kid-magnet!
Grace got a tin whistle lesson from a friendly man and then had a great time practicing.
After listening to music, eating and drinking merrily, and buying a wonderfully cute skirt, we headed out and decided to go to the cottage. On the way up, we stopped by the new People's Brewery and got a growler of their Fiddler's Brew -- yum! Added to a meal of Prophetstown pork chops and road stand sweet corn, it was the perfect meal!!
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Now that I have three girls -- with (eventually) three heads of hair to fix, three cutie outfits to find, etc. I may need to enlist help from the upper ranks.

But for now, I think we need a little more supervision before we are ready to go out in public!
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18 June 2010

Baby, baby

It's amazing how much babies change in their first few days of life. Avila is only nine days old, but already she seems meatier and more awake. She is bright-eyed more than she was a few days ago.
And her bright eyes are BLUE. I know most people are used to blue-eyed newborns, but this is a first for our family. I hope that they stay blue -- such a contrast to her mass of dark hair!
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09 June 2010

Welcoming Baby

We are excited to welcome our little early bird, Avila Josephine!! She was born yesterday at 4:37PM and weighed in at an even seven pounds.

Immediatly upon her arrival, she stole the hearts of her older siblings. I can't blame them -- she is one sweet little girl.