19 March 2010

Happy Feast of St. Joseph!!!

God was certainly being kind when He plopped a Solemnity smack in the middle of Lent! I love it!! In an amazingly timely manner (not just quickly, accounting for all the work we had to do, but the day before St. Jospeh's Day as well!), we officially got our house on the market yesterday and there is now a big For Sale sign in our front yard. It is a little sad, since we really love this house, but it is super happy as well. We are excited to find a new home with lots of outside space for the kids to romp around. And hopefully dear Saint Joseph will help us do just that!

A great deal of child labor went in into preparing this house for sale. But our sweet helpers were (generally) ready and willing. Grr. I had lots of cute "child labor" pictures of the kids working, but Picasa is not cooporating. Maybe later.

The kids all put on shorts this morning (well, except Bella -- she just stripped naked). I hope it gets as warm as the weather man is predicting!

07 March 2010

Houses and Ultrasounds

I gave up blogs and facebook for lent --which explains my lack of posting lately. Funny thing, though, it's been way less sacrificial than I thought it would be!! And the time it has freed up has been great. Although it has led to complete insanity, in some ways.

Like the fact that we decided to put our house on the market. Not that this is a rash decision -- it has been coming for over a year now. But a few things have happened in the last couple of months that made us look at each other and say "Apparently, God wants us to move!" Sometimes, He comes down and beats you over the head.

So, if you want a beautiful home downtown and RIGHT next to St Boniface -- I have one for you!

We had an ultrasound a couple weeks ago. I wasn't planning to have one at all, but ended up doing it just to clear up a few things. Everything is just fine and dandy! I took the four kids and they LOVED getting pictures of the baby! They were so excited. Having baby #5 is totally different than the previous pregnancies. It is so fun to have all of these little people to share our excitement. I think the sibling rivalry thing people talk about is a myth -- that or they just bring it on themselves. Self-fulfilling prophecies! In fact, the other day Christopher said out of no where "I just wish the baby would get here. I keep seeing all these tiny babies and I want ours!!"