07 March 2010

Houses and Ultrasounds

I gave up blogs and facebook for lent --which explains my lack of posting lately. Funny thing, though, it's been way less sacrificial than I thought it would be!! And the time it has freed up has been great. Although it has led to complete insanity, in some ways.

Like the fact that we decided to put our house on the market. Not that this is a rash decision -- it has been coming for over a year now. But a few things have happened in the last couple of months that made us look at each other and say "Apparently, God wants us to move!" Sometimes, He comes down and beats you over the head.

So, if you want a beautiful home downtown and RIGHT next to St Boniface -- I have one for you!

We had an ultrasound a couple weeks ago. I wasn't planning to have one at all, but ended up doing it just to clear up a few things. Everything is just fine and dandy! I took the four kids and they LOVED getting pictures of the baby! They were so excited. Having baby #5 is totally different than the previous pregnancies. It is so fun to have all of these little people to share our excitement. I think the sibling rivalry thing people talk about is a myth -- that or they just bring it on themselves. Self-fulfilling prophecies! In fact, the other day Christopher said out of no where "I just wish the baby would get here. I keep seeing all these tiny babies and I want ours!!"


Beth said...

Karol has to keep telling himself that the baby needs to grow more before he/she can come out. Sometimes he will stop playing just to come and give my belly a kiss. The other day at dinner he said "Mama, you have a big belly". (Thanks kid) "You have a big belly because the baby grows in there."

Your house is on the market? I would buy it, if we lived there. Right next to St. Boniface, to walk to church again would be heavenly! To hear the bells! I really miss that neighborhood.

Katie said...

Good luck with selling the house, and I'm glad the u/s went well!

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