18 February 2012

Children, Children Everywhere

My brother and his family are visiting this weekend.  Ben has four girls, which brings the total number of children to nine.  This is a large number in and of itself, but add to that the fact that the oldest child is only nine and you have yourself a veritable circus!  (The exact breakdown, for the overly curious, is 9,9,8,6,5,4,3,1.5,1)

Thankfully, God has blessed us with warm weather and sunshine, so the kids have spent a good deal of time outside.  The other wonderful aspect of this little adventure is that the kids get along marvelously!

Even the two youngest, Avila and Ronia, get along!  They love playing in the sink together.

There was a time when Grace and Angelica didn't get along at all.  But now, they love each other and spent hours turning the jungle gym into a magical fairy house.

14 February 2012

Track Meet

The kids took part in a track meet this weekend with the Purdue Track Club.  They had a great time and all did very well.  Even Bella got to run the hurdles, although even the tiny ones were too high for her to jump!  She would run up to it, stop, step over, and then take off running again!

Christopher joyfully leaped over each hurdle, while Grace plowed through with gritted determination.

The most exciting part of the day was when BOTH boys took blue ribbons in their class for the "TurboJav", which was like throwing the javelin.  PeterXavier almost took off my head with his powerful shot!  But when he got first place for it, I forgave him!

13 February 2012

Hey Girl (playing along)

Too funny not to play along!  Check out many more here.  They're fantastically funny!

11 February 2012

Chef PX

PeterXavier has a love for all things kitchen related.  Be it eating the food or making it.  Lately, he has been making the other kids lunch a few times a week.  The other day, he even brought me a quesadilla!  

He was quite proud of the lovely yolk in this egg.

The girls are enjoying eating his little masterpieces!