22 August 2008

Feast of the Queenship of Mary

Today we invited over a crew of friends to help us celebrate the Feast of the Queenship of Mary. I have been so inspired by Jessica and her friends "Summer with the Saints", but I just had to rip off some of the great ideas!

We made crowns on honor of Mary being our Queen. This little craft went over way better with the girls than with the boys!!
The boys were much more into making manly bracelets with the colored pipe clearners. Go figure.
The kids all made miniature crowns (and necklaces) out of pipe cleaners and crowned Our Lady of the Backyard. It was a pretty wet day, so the Coronation was a quick one!
After a feast of Mac and Cheese, we each had a yummy slice of crown cake.
The kids had a wonderful time playing, eating, and crafting with their friends. They learned about and celebrated this wonderful feast with such a joyful spirit!

21 August 2008

Since Annie found it necessary to publicly ridicule my "stroller", figured I'd entertain you all with a photo of it. Yes, it is the size of a small motor vehicle, but it serves us quite well. I actually walked to the park the day the photo was taken, complete with the watermelon keg (thanks, Jill!), and no one laughed at me! Half way there, (it's a whole two blocks) I did take Belle out to carry her and Grace got it. It gets a little tough to maneuver when all three kids are in it (I don't usually carry watermelon kegs with me), as I figure at full capacity it weighs about 130 pounds. Seriously, with that work out, I should be much more trim than I am!

Anyway, as Annie noted, my dear stroller deserves a name . . . any suggestions?

19 August 2008

This past Saturday was the annual St. Boniface Pilgrimage. Although we didn't participate in the entire thing -- it isn't very stroller friendly!-- we did meet the group at Reihle Plaza and joined in the final few blocks of the journey. It is amazing to carry Our Eucharistic Lord through the streets of our town. We are so blessed to have a parish that routinely has Eucharistic Processions! This one was particularly wonderful (to me!) because not only did we walk farther than we usually do, but this time we went right in front of our house!! It was really exciting! There is something beautiful about a throng of people, sweaty and tired, walking through town adoring their Savior. It was wonderful!
**I shamelessly ripped this picture off of Elisabeth's facebook! Thanks!!

15 August 2008

Feast of the Assumption

Reason I love the Church #246 -- Infinite reasons to celebrate . . . with food!!

Today we celebrate the day Our Blessed Mother was assumed, body and soul, into Heaven. Over the years, Holy Mother Church has found many fun ways to celebrate this Feast. One tradition is the Blessing of the Herbs. This is fitting, since so many are named after Our Lady. We will celebrate with Herbed (rosemary!) Butter on our bread as well as this yummy Assumpta Salad.

Mary Queen of Heavan, Pray for Us!

07 August 2008

Spanish Suntans

On our little vacation this weekend, we pretty much loafed on the beach most of the time. We soaked up the rays, resulting in some pretty nice tans for my Filipino children and a mighty crispy burn for me. Admiring her tan this morning Grace declared : "I look like I speak Spanish! Oopigdah!"

Doesn't she know that her dad is the director of diversity?? We can't be racist!!!

06 August 2008

Birthdays, Weddings, Beaches, and FUN

We've been busy here in the Antonio House. Friday was Christopher's big Sixth birthday. We had a cookout here with family and a few friends.

In keeping with my Ugly Cake tradition, I made a racecar cake (per his request.). I must say, now that I have six years of cake decorating (and eating!) under my belt, you can really see an improvement (but not in my waistline!). They are getting to be somewhat recognizable!

Of course, guns seem to be a required birthday gift for this little guy. He was thrilled to get FOUR (ok, one was a crossbow, but close enough).

On Saturday, we loaded up to van and headed north for my cousins wedding and the our camping trip in Michigan. The wedding was really fun. What can you expect from a big italian family and an open bar?? The kids had a blast dancing with everyone.
Four cute monkeys making their Mama proud!

We had to get PeterXavier a kiddie cocktail so he would stop stealing our drink!

Here is Christopher dancing like a mad man right in the middle of the wedding party!! He's definitely not shy!

After the wedding we headed up to Lake Michigan for three days of camping and hanging out on the beach. We had a GREAT time. More pictures later -- now the sandy laundry is calling me!