06 August 2008

Birthdays, Weddings, Beaches, and FUN

We've been busy here in the Antonio House. Friday was Christopher's big Sixth birthday. We had a cookout here with family and a few friends.

In keeping with my Ugly Cake tradition, I made a racecar cake (per his request.). I must say, now that I have six years of cake decorating (and eating!) under my belt, you can really see an improvement (but not in my waistline!). They are getting to be somewhat recognizable!

Of course, guns seem to be a required birthday gift for this little guy. He was thrilled to get FOUR (ok, one was a crossbow, but close enough).

On Saturday, we loaded up to van and headed north for my cousins wedding and the our camping trip in Michigan. The wedding was really fun. What can you expect from a big italian family and an open bar?? The kids had a blast dancing with everyone.
Four cute monkeys making their Mama proud!

We had to get PeterXavier a kiddie cocktail so he would stop stealing our drink!

Here is Christopher dancing like a mad man right in the middle of the wedding party!! He's definitely not shy!

After the wedding we headed up to Lake Michigan for three days of camping and hanging out on the beach. We had a GREAT time. More pictures later -- now the sandy laundry is calling me!


stock recommendations said...
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Annie said...

Christopher looks like such a thug in that top picture. "Racecar cakes are for KIDS, dude. I'm not a kid. I'm SIX!" hee hee hee!

What did that last comment say that's been deleted?!? C'mon, we're all curious!

Sarah said...

It was just a spam comment. It wasn't even interesting - just "neat stuff" or something like that. I should always just leave a comment when I delete spam, because I know the curiosity!