20 December 2007

A note from the baby

Does anyone out there know how to remove Sanford Sharpie from the wall? I tried erasing it with my sister's underwear, but it didn't work. I think the picture is pretty, but my mom does not agree. (She has no taste!) Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.


Oh the things I do

Christopher, wrestling a jug of juice as big as he is, asks: "Mama, can you spill a drink for me?"

12 December 2007

My son poo-poos GOLD!

Apperantly a little someone forgot to unwrap the chocolate gold coin before he ate it.

11 December 2007


How gross and weird is this?? Some people will do anything to avoid holding their baby!!

But I think I'll just get one of these. Might as well go whole hog!

06 December 2007

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

I love celebrating St. Nicholas Day. The kids woke up to Gold Coin candies in their shoes this morning and we spent the day making a Slavic Sweet Bread and a German Almond Butter cake. Yum! Now we are feasting and trying to keep little ones from hitting the walls to hard as they bounce!

I also made slippers for each of the kids to celebrate the day. I though slippers were fitting for the celebration of the Saint who fills shoes. They are reminicent of my beloved robeez and turned out pretty well. The kids like them anyway!

03 December 2007

I love Advent and I am glad it is here, but I am already feeling behind on my Christmas preperations. Isn't that awful?? I had such grand plans of being finished with all of my materialistic aspects of Christmas by the first Sunday of Advent. I failed miserably. I am not even close to being finished!!! Arg!

Fortunetly some "Adventy" things have been happening, so not all is lost. Last night we went to the Advent wreath making at Church. My wreath is pretty ugly, due partly to my lack of craftiness and partly to all my cute little helping hands. But it's not as ugly as the hilarious Baby Jesus that I made this afternoon with Anna. Good thing we can both laugh at ourselves! Again, we had many a helping hand. If I were more humble, I'd post pictures, but I'm not!

The most important thing I learned today is that Colby Stork is as obsessive about Junior Mints when she is prego as I am!! I'm not so weird after all! This was a very important and wonderful discovery.