26 October 2008

Fun Times

Every year for the past few years, my Uncle has had a "Fall Party" at his big "farm" (which is really a fabulous, giant piece of hunting property. It's beautiful!). The kids now see it as the kick off of Fall and anticipate it greatly. On the drive out to the farm, the kids kept cheering "We Love Uncle Johnny!" Once again, the party lived up to their expectations. There was fire, hiking, hay rides, and pumpkin carving. A little piece of heaven for children. Pictures say it better than words.
Thanks to Annie for letting me hijack some photos!

I love how big the older kids of the family have gotten and now they are holding our babies!!

25 October 2008

Reaching for the Stars!

Yesterday we got a chance to take the kids to Star Lab. Remeber Star Lab??? Fun times. It was great. Although, when I was seven, sitting in St. Mary's social hall, looking at Star Lab, I never though I would be in one of those bubble things nursing an infant and trying to prevent a two year old from deflating the whole darn thing! Wow. What an adventure. The "bigger" kids had a great time and I really think they learned a lot. It was funny though -- the constalations are all based in Greek Mythology which you don't realize is REALLY risque when told to young kids! Yikes! Luckily I think most of it was over their heads. It was quite an adventure!

Learning, learning.

Just when you think you have a handle on things, God sends you a monkey-wrench. Just to keep life exciting. For years, we have been trying to figure out the source of Christopher's skin problems, constant runny nose, etc. We finally figured it out -- it's a "horray" and "boo" moment all in one. While I am very excited to have it all figured out, it is taking a bit of adjustment. I pretty much have to throw my culinary skill out the window and start from stratch. I have to learn to cook without wheat / gluten, eggs, dairy, corn, yeast, and a few other minor things.

I have a new respect for people with serious food allergies -- and even more respect for their parents. Thankfully, even though he has these problems, nothing is deadly by any means. I don't have to shudder at the fact that something may possibly have brushed a peanut or been with in three feet of an egg. I have to be careful, but not fearful.

I am not complaining -- things could be much worse. And we have the answers we have been seeking. I actually had no intention of posting this as I didn't want to be whiney. But then I though of all of the people I know who have dealt with these same things and though maybe some people could offer some advice. Anyone?

18 October 2008

Taking home the gold!

We spent the day watching Christopher battle for the gold at his Tae Kwon Do Tournament. He had such a great time breaking boards, sparring his friends, and watching the talented black belts.

He took home two gigantic first place trophies!! He won first in both sparring and breaking. It was quite a proud day for him!
In this picture, he is in the front row, all the way to the right, proudly displaying his two trophies.

17 October 2008

Last night was a beautiful evening to be living downtown. At the Church, was the visitation and Vespers for a good and holy priest who past away earlier this week. Unfortunetly, we didn't attend. After a long and difficult day, I simply didn't have the energy to dress the kids up and corral them during Vespers. I was sorry to miss it, but I guess it is just one of the sacrifices of parenthood. Even though we didn't get to go, we did get a lovely visit from a priest friend who had gone to the Church. One of the main perks of living downtown and so close to Church is unexpected visitors stopping by!

After Father left, we took a nice family walk downtown and put the kids to sleep. It was a perfect evening for a walk. Shortly after we got home and tucked everyone away, I was sitting in the playroom with a window open. There was a cool breeze and outside was dark silence, occasionally broken by the solomn tolling to the church bell. It was such a mournful atmosphere, perfect for the remeberance of the holy man who has now gone Home.

12 October 2008

Hooray for Being FIVE!

Today we are celebrating the FIFTH birthday of our sweet little Grace! I can't believe she is five -- this whole parenthood thing moves to quickly for my tastes!

Grace requested a cookout for her birthday, so we will be heading out to our old standby, Prophetstown, and letting her daddy grill dogs and brats. I always let the kids pick their cake and my sweet little girl simply requested chocolate cupcakes, which SHE will decorate with everyones favorite candies!

Happy Birthday, Gracie!

10 October 2008

While I was sitting here shirking my parental duties in the name of blog cruising, my lovely son -- the one who likes to push my nerves to the brink -- jazzed up the front of the 'fridge with a lovely red shade of Sanford Sharpie. It doesn't exactly fit my kitchen decor. And those "Magic Erasers" aren't so magical after all. (Although, to give them there due, they DID get the marker off of the counter.)

Any suggestions? Short of a new refridgerator, that it. I guess we could squeeze some art time into the schedule today and let it grace the fridge. Or maybe that's what he thought he was doing?

06 October 2008

Happy QUARTER OF A CENTURY to my lil' sister!!
This is a seriously horrid picture, but it was all I had!!