17 October 2008

Last night was a beautiful evening to be living downtown. At the Church, was the visitation and Vespers for a good and holy priest who past away earlier this week. Unfortunetly, we didn't attend. After a long and difficult day, I simply didn't have the energy to dress the kids up and corral them during Vespers. I was sorry to miss it, but I guess it is just one of the sacrifices of parenthood. Even though we didn't get to go, we did get a lovely visit from a priest friend who had gone to the Church. One of the main perks of living downtown and so close to Church is unexpected visitors stopping by!

After Father left, we took a nice family walk downtown and put the kids to sleep. It was a perfect evening for a walk. Shortly after we got home and tucked everyone away, I was sitting in the playroom with a window open. There was a cool breeze and outside was dark silence, occasionally broken by the solomn tolling to the church bell. It was such a mournful atmosphere, perfect for the remeberance of the holy man who has now gone Home.

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