25 October 2008

Learning, learning.

Just when you think you have a handle on things, God sends you a monkey-wrench. Just to keep life exciting. For years, we have been trying to figure out the source of Christopher's skin problems, constant runny nose, etc. We finally figured it out -- it's a "horray" and "boo" moment all in one. While I am very excited to have it all figured out, it is taking a bit of adjustment. I pretty much have to throw my culinary skill out the window and start from stratch. I have to learn to cook without wheat / gluten, eggs, dairy, corn, yeast, and a few other minor things.

I have a new respect for people with serious food allergies -- and even more respect for their parents. Thankfully, even though he has these problems, nothing is deadly by any means. I don't have to shudder at the fact that something may possibly have brushed a peanut or been with in three feet of an egg. I have to be careful, but not fearful.

I am not complaining -- things could be much worse. And we have the answers we have been seeking. I actually had no intention of posting this as I didn't want to be whiney. But then I though of all of the people I know who have dealt with these same things and though maybe some people could offer some advice. Anyone?


Anonymous said...

No advice, Hon, but I did order two gluten-free, wheat-free, egg-free cookbooks on Amazon! They said they were Family Friendly recipes!
We can do this!
Love, Mama

SamG said...

Oh my, that is hard to adjust to. It isn't easy, but it can be done. There is also a list on the celiac sprue website (http://www.csaceliacs.org/index.php) that has a lot of wheat/gluten free information. It even has a list of wheat/gluten free products and 'recipes' for replacement flours. I think the gluten free list costs a couple of bucks (I don't remember). Our local store even has special colored labels that points out wheat/gluten free products. You may see if yours does. I didn't notice them until after I was told to check.

When I had to watch this for Deano (wrong diagnoses, so I don't have to watch it anymore)I didn't have all the extra problems (corn, eggs, etc.) so I don't know how much that will help.

Good luck to you.


Jessica said...

I am sorry Sarah! I have a few children that are sensitive to dairy (but they can have goat's milk) and I myself am COMPLETELY intolerant to ALL dairy, with less severe reactions to the rest of that list, with the exception of corn. That I can have. Yipee! ;)

I will pray for you. It IS hard, but it can be done, and most stores are much better equipped with foods for those with allergies/sensitivities than they use to be.

Personally, my favorite discovery is Ice cream made with Coconut Milk. Yum!! It is rather expensive, but I've been making it myself, and it is a great option.

A friend of mine has a daughter who has to stay completely off dairy, gluten (and a few other things). She actually cooks separately for her daughter due to the higher expense foods. She even mentioned that there are some Oatmeals that are gluten free. Bob's Red Mill's I think? (she even gets it ready to go the night before in the coffee pot of all places: http://6hands2hold.blogspot.com/2008/10/coffe-pot-oatmeal.html)

Anyways, I am sorry I can't be any more help. I don't think I take care of myself as well as I do my children, or else I would have some better suggestions for you! I will definitely be curious to hear of any recipes that you end up liking! Good luck!