12 October 2008

Hooray for Being FIVE!

Today we are celebrating the FIFTH birthday of our sweet little Grace! I can't believe she is five -- this whole parenthood thing moves to quickly for my tastes!

Grace requested a cookout for her birthday, so we will be heading out to our old standby, Prophetstown, and letting her daddy grill dogs and brats. I always let the kids pick their cake and my sweet little girl simply requested chocolate cupcakes, which SHE will decorate with everyones favorite candies!

Happy Birthday, Gracie!


Anna May said...

I enjoy your blog....the pictures and the way you say thing. Keep up the good work. I sometimes wish you had more time to post. Your children need you more than I need your blog. Keep it coming.....when ever you can.

Jessica said...

She is *SO* Beautiful!!!

Happy birthday Grace!

Anonymous said...

That bottom pic should be on a magazine cover. Gracie is gorgeous....we just can't let her know it.
Mama :)