22 April 2008

Happy Birthday St. Isabel!

Today is the birthday of St. Isabel(la) of Spain. AND today is the our Isabella's "two week" birthday! I had no idea she was born so close to the birthday of her parton saint (thanks for the tip, daddy!).

As you can see, we are having no "adjustment issues" with our previous baby and his loss of a throne. Sometimes I fear he loves his little sister a bit too much!

Three of the four just hanging out. All of the kids love to hold their baby sister. And she's generally pretty happy to let them hold her. Such a patient little girl.


Trina said...

Happy Feast Day to a precious baby! We celebrate feast days too ..

Annie said...

I can't BELIEVE how big PeterXavier's getting!!! I think it's funny how everybody says he looks like a little Oompa. You forgot to post about how he calls Isabella "Belly"!