01 April 2008

I was hoping for an April Fool's Baby, but no such luck.

I took the kids to a little "Farm Day" at the PU Research Farm. Being the city kids that they are, they had a great time seeing all of the animals -- especially the piglets. Maybe because we are reading "Charlotte's Web" right now, I don't know. But they were really enamorred with the pigs. There were ten piglets in the litter. It made me glad that people don't have litters! After the farm, we went to a friends for lunch and the kids just played all afternoon. It is great to get out of the house and let the kids just run around with other children for the afternoon!


Jill said...

Wow - about 5 days to go!! How exciting! I think maybe your baby has a little less room in the womb than that baby in the ticker, though, don't you think? He's probably not still floating around.
Good luck with the birth and I hope all goes well!

Joannie said...

what happens to the ticker when you go past your due date? Does it go into negatives? I suppose you don't want to know, huh?
Isn't it funny that both Watsons chose to comment on the same post?