20 April 2008

A little bit of vanity, a little bit of crazy

We took our first outing as a family of six yesterday. We went to the mall in Indy where I indulged my vanity and bought a few cutie new clothes. I am on a quest not to become that mom with so many kids she can't even put a decent outfit together. We confirmed yesterday what we had assumed -- we have crossed the line into crazy big family (even though I don't feel like a big family) and everyone looks and comments. Part of it was because Bella is so tiny, and people always want to see tiny babies, but it was also a bit because we had four kids with us. Maybe it is vain, but if everyone is going to notice us when we go out, I am at least not going to confirm their assumption that a"big" family equals dirty kids and a frumpy mom!

Unfortunately, we didn't succeed in proving that many kids doesn't mean unruly kids. Ours were pretty crazy. Andrew and I fail miserably in the parenting department because we tend to laugh at our kids misbehaviour. But seriously, it's funny when Christopher leaps into a window display and pretends to be a mannequin!


Anonymous said...

Yup, that IS funny. But I can think that...I'm their Oompa.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I would have laughed, too. It sounds hilarious to me.....save the frowns for the important stuff.

Anne said...

It's hard to imagine you lookiong frumpy, Sarah!! All of you Hatke ladies always looks so lovely - of coure I've never been to your house at 6 am, so I'm sure you can do frumpy just like anyone...I've just never seen it!!

And I wish I could see the tiny baby girl!!

Jessica said...

Yes... Four+ kids does cross that line, doesn't it! I hardly notice the comments anymore... until I am out without my children, or only a couple... Then I notice how no one talks to me! :)

Good for you for getting yourself some new outfits!

Your kids are darling!! I would have laughed too at the mannequin imitation! How funny!

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