17 August 2010

Big Weekend

In addition to having our favorite friends visit this weekend, we had a few other adventures. On Saturday, Andrew graduated from Indiana Weslyan with his MBA. It was a very exciting day!
Then on Sunday, we visited some friends at there farm. Grace spent the day with Daisy-Mae, the horse. And fell in love!
This little foursome had quite a fun day. Grace was in heaven with the horse and Sarah, the lone girl in the midst of four brothers, had a ball with Isabella!
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Best Buddies, Christopher and Isaiah, acting like goof-balls.
This one is from RiverFest. These cuties wanted there Mama, but she was singing, so Uncle Andrew had to do.
Tea party on the porch with Luke and Emma!

Summer Pictures

Some of our most fabulous friends have visited us a couple times this summer. Here is PeterXavier with his partner in crime, Luke.
Grace and Emma
Big daddy and his pal Avila, napping on a bench.
More summer pictures to come . . .

Pro-Life video link

I always laugh when I pop over to a blog or open a magazine and find Ben's work. My brain knows he's a real deal famous illustrator, but my heart still says he's that meany-head big brother who wouldn't let me play with him! ;) Check out the video -- it's kind of nifty.

04 August 2010

A Little Linky

This speech, by a public school valedictorian, is excellent. I relates to my previous post on unschooling. Go read it!