30 October 2007

Birthdays, Farms, and Doctors

Happy Fifth Birthday to Angelica . . . sorry it's late!

Sunday was the annual Fall Farm Party at Uncle Johnny's. The kids had a super fun time roasting "mallows" (as Hope calls them), carving pumpkins, and going on a very crazy hay ride. Christopher and Grace sent the funniest little thank you cards to Uncle Johnny yesterday. Grace's said "That was a bumpy ride!" Of course, I didn't take any pictures. Maybe I'll hijack some from my dad's computer.

I had my first Dr. appointment yesterday -- baby is healthy and right on target for growth. I had to find a new Dr. since mine ditched me, but I think that this one is going to be really good. Any suggestions on a doula? To get or not to get? Worth the bling? We are still in the debating process here. Although the Dr. was totally supportive if we go the route.

26 October 2007

It's one of those days . . .

The kind where you toss all three kids in the tub, scoop out the clean baby, get him snuggly dressed and sweet smelling, so that he can climb back into the tub.

And he didn't even have the courtesy to take his clothes off first.

A girly post for Anne

Unfortunately, I am ridiculously cheap, so I only have a crummy nursing cami from Motherhood. And I only have one. Seriously, someone who nurses like I do needs about ten. The best camis are from here. They are a little pricier, but from what I understand, totally worth it. Anna -- chime in here, I know you have at least one.

So there you have it, Anne. In return, you can give Annie the pattern for that totally adorable hat that Charles was wearing at Mass yesterday!! I can't knit, so I'll make Annie do it for me =)

25 October 2007

Self Image

What exactly are you supposed to think when you still need the nursing camisole, but it no longer fits over your every enlarging belly?

23 October 2007

Baby Salamander

Doesn't the baby in the ticker look like a salamander? I am going to imagine that my baby is WAY cuter than that one. I can't believe I am already over 18 weeks!! Wow, keeping the secret and pretending you're not prego really makes the whole thing go a lot faster. Maybe next time I won't tell people until after I deliver. I wonder how many people would not say anything in fear of accusing me of being fat. Besides my mom, I mean.

21 October 2007

Since Annie posted about her little run in with the police, I suppose I better tell about mine. Although mine was a bit more self imposed. But it was an accident. . . I locked PeterXavier in the car. I think one of these days my friends a t CPS are going to come take the kids away! It was one of those time when, just when it's too late, you know exactly what has happened. I heard the electric lock trigger and I knew that both my keys and my son were inside. Luckily, a very nice police officer and an old tow truck man came to the rescue. The nice towing company even unlocks your car for free if there is a child inside! Thankfully PeterXavier is the most laid back child on the planet, so he bounced back from his little adventure in no time.

15 October 2007

Fantastic Feasting

This years Feast was one of the best ever. What a great time! We got up early and sped off to the Mass at the fort. Of course, we had to hightail it across the Feast grounds to get there in time and were only a few minutes late. I was so impressed with how well the event is layed out and put on. I truly think it is the most well done festival we have attended.

Gracie making a candle. Both kids got to make candles and paper!

Christopher playing "graces" -- a traditional 18th century children's game.

The Family

13 October 2007


I am super excited to be going to the Feast tomorrow. We are starting the day early with the Feast Mass. I was trying to get the kids excited about the Mass and telling them about going to Mass outside and Christopher said "oh! Then Jesus will be able to come down to us much easier!" (refering to the Consecration) I love cute children observations!

My wonderful mother made all of the kids super adorable costumes for the occasions and I found a dress fit for a winabego in the costume box, which should suit me quite well. Annie and I had some good laughs going through the costume box . . . if fact I was afraid she might go into labor at one point.

And Grace wants to name the new baby "Master the Pope". I think it has a nice ring to it . . .

12 October 2007

Happy Birthdays!!

Happy FOURTH Birthday to our Gracie Girl!! She had a great day informing people that it was her birthday and she thought she was quite the princess.

"Am I still Beautiful?"
"Oh, yes, you're still Beautiful"
"I will NEVER be ugly!!"

Have we over done the self-esteem thing a little?

And Happy Birthday to Anna, tomorrow!

09 October 2007

Sorry for the Delay . . .

First off, the promised update on the Fall Film Series -- it is awesome. Thye best thing to do would be to get a group of friends together and go with the big group.

Ben was here this weekend with his friend Bill. It is always exciting to have him here. The kids love playing with "Uncle Ben!!" But Christopher missed his pal Angelica.

And now the fun part. After weeks of evading my mother, the secret is out (brace yourself for the nasty phone call, Mary!!). No, I have not been drinking to much beer or eating to many chocolates. I have merely joined the ranks of my sisters, jumped on the bandwagon, killed the bunny. However you want to look at it -- I think s/he'll be here in March or April.

Did you see this post on Danielle Bean's site a while back (click the link)? Maybe the three of us can make the news!

02 October 2007

Totally Awesome Date Night

In the past few years, the Lafayette Theater downtown has been renovated and used for various cool events -- it is rented for wedding receptions and parties -- but by far the greatest thing they are doing is the new "Fall Film Series". Every Tuesday in the fall, they are showing an old movie coupled with a dinner that matches the theme of the movie. The movies that are lined up are fabulous -- this evening is "The Godfather" with an italian dinner catered by Oliverio's. Later in the season, they are showing such classics as "Gone With the Wind" and "To Kill a Mockingbird". Check out their web site to find out more info www.lafayettetheater.com Oh! And the best part is the price -- $5 for the movie and $7 for dinner!! I'm so excited!! So support downtown and have a totally cool and cheap date night! (And I think I'lll pop over to Kathy's beforehand and smuggle some candy in with me!) We're going to The Godfather tonight -- I'll report back!