09 October 2007

Sorry for the Delay . . .

First off, the promised update on the Fall Film Series -- it is awesome. Thye best thing to do would be to get a group of friends together and go with the big group.

Ben was here this weekend with his friend Bill. It is always exciting to have him here. The kids love playing with "Uncle Ben!!" But Christopher missed his pal Angelica.

And now the fun part. After weeks of evading my mother, the secret is out (brace yourself for the nasty phone call, Mary!!). No, I have not been drinking to much beer or eating to many chocolates. I have merely joined the ranks of my sisters, jumped on the bandwagon, killed the bunny. However you want to look at it -- I think s/he'll be here in March or April.

Did you see this post on Danielle Bean's site a while back (click the link)? Maybe the three of us can make the news!


Joannie said...

Congrats, Sarah! Does this mean the blog is now "three little monkeys jumping on my head and one little monkey jumping in my belly"???

Anne said...

Yay! Always such fun news to share! Congratulations to your whole family!

LauraSuz said...

Congratulations!! That's great news!!

Anonymous said...

Squeeeeal!! I've been wanting to tell everyone for so long!!! I thought of your Mother's comment at the circle party the other night- you know, about me and you wanting to jump on the baby bandwagon? Well, I watched that tummy video of Annie's little dinosaur and got a huge wave of baby desire. So, I turned it off halfway through and went and had a bottle of wine. That seemed to stop the insanity. Between the Hatke women and my sister-in-law.... I don't know... feeling warm fuzzies... must go poke Maggie to make her scream and squelch this craziness!!!


Annie said...

Your sister in law?!? Is Katie pregnant with #2?!?

anna said...

Sarah, we need to all three get "breeder" shirts before annie has her baby and go out somewhere for coffee. If anyone asks, we'll say we are all part of some weird Purdue genetic experiment. We'll be real vague about it having something to do with "homeland security." hahaha.

Wooohooo! I am so exited! I was just about dying to tell people!

Hey is Katie preggo too????? Man don't go near Annie, she's like contagious or something.

anna said...

Hey is this a spring baby, sarah???


Anonymous said...

Yes, Katie and John are preggo with their second. She's still very early in the timeline... only about a month along. Wait... warm fuzzies again... gotta go!!


anna said...

Oh no Mary! Watch out! Go get that wine! Perhaps even put on some of that late maternity clothing and remember how huge one feels.

Just DON't get out the newborn clothes. That brings on warm fuzzies in dangerously high amounts.

Give John and Katie my congrats!!!!!

Annie said...

GREAT idea. Or at least if we can't do that, we should have a 3-way baby shower and take a picture together. How often are all the girls in the family preggie at the same time??

AND, so you know, this is the reason I really wanted YOU to come to Lafayette sometime this fall--so we could have a babyshower together! But I couldn't tell you that because Sarah was keeping her dumb mouth shut!! But I still want you to come.

Yeah, maybe I am contagious. Eek.