26 October 2007

A girly post for Anne

Unfortunately, I am ridiculously cheap, so I only have a crummy nursing cami from Motherhood. And I only have one. Seriously, someone who nurses like I do needs about ten. The best camis are from here. They are a little pricier, but from what I understand, totally worth it. Anna -- chime in here, I know you have at least one.

So there you have it, Anne. In return, you can give Annie the pattern for that totally adorable hat that Charles was wearing at Mass yesterday!! I can't knit, so I'll make Annie do it for me =)


anna said...

They are SO fabulous. But really I haven't tryied them in the earlier months yet so we'll have to see with this baby, but for six months on when my chest size seems to reduce a bit and you need to nurse bulkier more awkwars shaped kids they are FABulous at keeping your belly covered!

Anne said...

Thanks for the link Sarah. I followed it and they certainly are a bit pricey. With my $15/paycheck I think it will be awhile before I can afford one. So then I went to ebay - they're a bit cheaper there, so maybe I can try that!

Sarah said...

I have checked on ebay and the ending price always seems to be prety close to the retail price. Hopefully you'll have better luck than I did. Maybe you can convince Peter to donate his $15 to your cause!?! =)

Anna said...

I know the only way we got a couple is because Ben got a bonus job one time and very sweetly ordered me to spend it on good supportive underthings. I couldn't afford one right now though that's for sure. (Not with a birth to pay for this Christmas! )

With clothing though- I tend to spend the bucks on shoes and underwear and buy at the thrift store or garage sales for everything else. Good shoes will last you a long time and pay for themselves, every penny. And good supportive underwear is a comfort for nursing mothers whose lives are otherwise full of many little discomforts! I know pennies can be tight though. At least we live in the the world of overconsumerism and you never know what second hand finds may come!