19 August 2008

This past Saturday was the annual St. Boniface Pilgrimage. Although we didn't participate in the entire thing -- it isn't very stroller friendly!-- we did meet the group at Reihle Plaza and joined in the final few blocks of the journey. It is amazing to carry Our Eucharistic Lord through the streets of our town. We are so blessed to have a parish that routinely has Eucharistic Processions! This one was particularly wonderful (to me!) because not only did we walk farther than we usually do, but this time we went right in front of our house!! It was really exciting! There is something beautiful about a throng of people, sweaty and tired, walking through town adoring their Savior. It was wonderful!
**I shamelessly ripped this picture off of Elisabeth's facebook! Thanks!!


Jill said...

How awesome! I think that is such a neat idea.
...is that Fr. Tim? I didn't even recognize him with his hair that short!

Annie said...

"stroller"? Is that the nickname you gave your convertable SUV?

Sarah said...

We should name that thing. "stroller" makes it sound so . . . petite.

Yes, Jill, that's Fr. Tim. Maybe he cut his hair to stay cooler for the long, hot walk!

Elisabeth said...

Ripping my pictures off of facebook... shame on you ;) Actually, that's not even mine, I don't think...?!?