26 November 2007

Fun Filled Weekend

This holiday weekend was busy, to say the least. We ate our way through Thanksgiving at my parent's house. All five very loud little monkeys played the day away while the Mama's knit and the Daddy's slept.

Then on Friday I spent my entire day trying to convince the doctor that I needed an antibiotic. Seriously. I called for the first time at nine AM and didn't get medicine until SEVEN IN THE EVENING. We went up to the river after that.

And we nearly froze to death.

After we got the cottage to a reasonable temperature, we had a lovely day playing games, reading books, and generally doing nothing.

And on Sunday was The Feast of Christ the King!!! My most favorite liturgical event of the year! Wow. It was so wonderful. Seeing all of the little children frolicing around in their fancy clothes is so fun . . . and hilarious! Such a great future ofr our Church . . . especially if we keep up this rate of procreation!!

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