08 November 2007

Some Fat, Some Pregnant, Some Just Cute

Why is it that Annie and Anna are cutie pregnant and I'm just fat? (If I'd known it was picture day, I'd have worn something more . . . revealing!)

Notice Annie's super cute new Mama due!

Here we're just laughing . . . we tend to do that.

And just for fun, here's a picture of PeterXavier. He was helping his Daddy make pasta.


Anne said...

Love it! I'm glad someone posted pictures of you cute prego ladies!!

Annie said...

Aaah!! I'M SO HUGE!!!!!!!!!! I was going to post the picture/s too, but you beat me too it. The next group picture should be of my new baby squished between your bellies, and then we'll take one of your belly squished between two babies, and then in the spring we'll have all three babies together!

Annie said...

Sorry for the extra "o" in "to."

Sarah said...

In the picture with me and the two babies, can I look really jealous and irritated that everyone else already has their babies??

LauraSuz said...

you ALL look cute!! Sarah you'll have yours in no time at all!

Jill said...

Sarah, you are so ridiculous!! you're the smallest of the three of you! You all look super cute too.