06 February 2008

This might be dangerous to say . . . but I think we area all over the viscious diseases that have been attacking our house. Now that the entire family has been taking amoxacillin, I think we might live. And now maybe we can rejoin society. I feel like we have been quarentined in our house for the last two weeks! And without a computer! Ahh! I guess lent started early for me this year.

The kids and I went to the craft store today and got the things we need for our "Lenten Calender". They really enjoyed the little project last year and are excited to do it again this year. And now we are off the Mass. We are still computer-less, so don't hold your breath for a timely update!

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Anne said...

But since you haven't been posting much your pregnancy is speeding right along - at least for me! :o) Only 46 days left!