11 June 2009

Over at Faith and Family Live! they have been hosting a weekly "Small Successes" (does that word look funny to you?). I have never joined in, mainly because I have trouble coming up with successes beyond "All six of us survived this week alive" and I don't think that really counts=) So here's for trying.


I have successfully take all four kids to the swimming pool a number of times. Alone. And remained cheerful about it! Hooray! I think the cheer factor is what makes this a true success.


I FINALLY made the batch of laundry detergant I have been meaning to make for weeks now. A friend came over a few months ago and taught me how to make it. It is great stuff, but when that first batch ran out, I was lazy and just bought cheapy detergant at the store. I am happy to have my five gallon bucket filled and ready now!


This last success was a joint effort -- me, my mom, and my sweet Bella. Isabella STAYED WITH MY MOM while I went to the store yesterday. This is a major break-through for the little girl who despises all people beyond me and her daddy. Not only did she stay, but she was happy! And she had fun! I was proud of her and of me, as neither of us cried!

So, there is my successful week, small as it may be. What are your successes? Weigh in at Faith and Family Live!


ViolinMama said...

What a FANTASTIC week!!! Yay to #3, and can you p[ost directions on homemade detergent?? I'd LOVE that!!!

Take care!!!

Maria said...

Wow, I am impressed! Especially about taking all four to the pool. This was my first week doing a small successes post, too.

Anonymous said...

I will weigh in here instead of F&F.
1. I didn't get any poop on myself during the several days of septic back-up.
2. I kept the kids and Matt fed even though we used makeshift dishes or none at all.
3. I didn't spend any money I didn't have even though crazy-high bills kept coming in leaving us without Murphy-repellant.
4. I was frequently social with other human beings in person and electronically.
5. I remained positive at all times.
-Stephanie :)

Sarah said...

Stephanie -- For a person festering in poo for the last week, you were amazing!! And you forgot to add that you put up with that annoyinf family (and their dwarf hampsters) who kept showing up every where you went! Keep smiling -- your toilets are fulshing now!

Marie -- I'll stop by and check yours out=)

ViolinMama -- I'll post those instrusctions soon. It's great -- cheap, easy, and effective!

Anonymous said...

I wondered if there would be comments to my comments. Maybe I can sign up to get notified when they occur?

I love when you're annoying if that's what you want to call it! I would schedule for even more run-ins if it didn't seem annoying on my part. Keep up the good work!

Poo Festerer,

SAB :)