03 January 2012

DIY Extravaganza

My parents got me a Kindle Fire for Christmas and it's pretty much the coolest thing I've ever owned.  But the poor naked little thing needed a cover.  Have you priced those things?  Um, gag.  Wow.  

So I pulled out my scissors, my sewing machine, and my goodwill bag and viola!

Totally awesomely free Kindle cover!

(Sure is cuter than the cloth diaper I was wrapping it in before!)

And speaking of free (and why my goodwill bag runneth over) . . . 

My fantastically organized closet!  Andrew spent a large portion of his Christmas break revamping my seriously disorganized too-messy-for-before-pictures closet into this thing of beauty.


He re-purposed a load of old pallets and it is amazing!  As an added bonus of wonderful - it didn't cost a dime!  (Except to the stud finder we had to buy since the kids broke the old one.  Oops)  Love it!


Anne said...

Yay for handy husbands!! I got a kindle too for Christmas and I whipped up a cover for it the very first night - too delicate to be without one! I crocheted mine. I love the green of yours.

Crunchy Momma said...

Wow, did you take the picture before you put all your stuff back in. I need to reorganize my closet but just the thought makes me want to cry.

Sarah said...

Anne - take a pic of your kindle cover and post it on your blog! I would love to see it!! I have lined mine since posting this and now it is much sturdier.

Crunchy Momma - you got me, I did take this pic before putting all of my clothes back! BUT I will say , I put back far fewer items than I took out. Now to schlep them to goodwill...