09 July 2008

Growing too fast

Bell-ee is three months old today! I can't believe how big she is getting -- rolling over, smiling, babbling, and laughing! We have been so excited to have our newest little monkey. It is amazing how you are in awe of everything they are and do, even though you have had other children. It's so fun!

And lest you think she is all photogenic giggles and smiles, let it be known that it took me 29 shots to get this smiley one. Usually, she looks like a (cute!) goober.


Anonymous said...

Oh My Gosh! She is too cute to believe! Sarah, we are so proud of you....you are a fabulous mama and you ENJOY your children so much!
Your Mama

abroadermark said...

Your baby is beautiful! I know just what you mean about being in awe of the the wonderful things babies do - even if it's the fourth, or fifth, or sixth, or seventh, or eighth time you've been through it all! Sometimes I think it's more amazing each time! May God continue to bless you, your hubby and your sweet little monkeys!